Streets of Darkness by A.A. Dhand (DI Harry Virdee 1)
Books / January 22, 2019

Read Decemeber 2018.

The first Book by A.A Dhand. my first word is Outstanding. I Loved every page.

Introducing D.I Harry VIrdee, a tough uncompromising cop who has trouble sticking to law when it comes to bringing down the bad guys, Currently under suspension, he is asked by his boss to go undercover when local MP and Businessman’s Shakeel Ahmed’s body is found.

I have never been to Bradford and have never read anything quite like this. It has a very different feel from a standard crime procedural, I think maybe for me because it’s introducing a culture and ways of life I knew nothing about.
At times its very dark, a hard hitting violent tale of Race, politics. Drugs. Families, Murder, Religion , you name it , it’s here and the book absolutely whistles by, easy to read, tense, action at every turn, possibly my book of the year for 2018,

Fantastic, I can’t wait to get started on Girl Zero and have also now bought City of Sinners, Book 3 in the series

I highly recommend A.A. Dhand , a fresh new voice in crime fiction, to everyone and in particular fans of David Mark and anyone who wants something a little different from the usual

Every Night I Dream of Hell by Malcolm Mackay (Glasgow Underground 5)
Books / January 21, 2019

The 5th book in the Glasgow Series by Malcolm Mackay and my favourite so far. As with the first 4 the writing is immaculate, superb stuff. Page turning,Brutal Violent stuff. This time around a character, hard man Nate Colgan from the Glasgow trilogy is the main Protagonist. In the earlier 3 books Nate is a hard man who sorts problems for the organisation but other than knowing he is someone to fear there isn’t much about him. In this the character is really fleshed out and he’s a broken soul, a depressed man who is feared by all around him but you get a sense he doesn’t want to be but it’s his job. It’s what he does best it’s all he knows. I really took to him in this book. Certainly more than Callum in the first stories or the 2 young lads in book 4. This one is set after the first 3 book, without spoiling anything the head honchos of the crime organisation are now under lock and key but still just hanging on to power of their broke organisation. Enter a small gang from Down south looking take over, that small gang is joined by Nate’s…

The Dying Hours by Mark Billingham (DI Tom Thorne 11)
Books / January 18, 2019

Following the events of book 10 Tom Thorne returns , Reduced to uniform, working the streets, with his new slightly unhinged partner DC Treasure, we have , what seems a depressed, angry , bitter Thorne now  living with a new partner , Helen, another police officer and her son, Alfie. Thorne isn’t happy at all; brooding and moody, out of the limelight of the MIT and shunted aside though not a demotion in rank but no longer a Detective. Called to a Suicide whilst on the beat, an old couple overdosed on insulin, Thorne’s old Detective light goes off and he’s sure there is more to this suicide. With that he takes his hunch to the higher ups and is laughed out the building, told to forget who he was and leave the investigations to the real detectives. Infuriated by this brush off, Thorne turns vigilante on us, determined to get to the bottom of the suicides he realises there is a “cluster” of suicides amongst the older aged in London, not one but 5 or more. Not caring who he brings down, threatening both his relationship and friendships., Thorne calls on help from his old team who can’t say…

Blind Eye by Stuart MacBride (DS Logan McRae 5)
Books / January 16, 2019

Picture it, Sunny Aberdeen (yes just pretend) in the height of summer, hot , sweaty, uncomfortable…. with a mad man carving out the eyeballs of the polish community, here is book 5 of the DS Logan McRae series by Stuart MacBride. Back with a bang after book 4 which I felt was the weakest of the series this one really comes at you in a full tour de force. The wonderfully wicked DI Roberta Steel, almost stealing the show as ever, The lovable DC Rennie, our team is back without DCI Insch.. a couple of mentions but I think he is for a later tale. This story follows after book 4 where Logan met “the Flesher” and he is still carrying the scars from that in his life, troubled , angry , can’t sleep, …this one barrels along and it feels like we get to know a bit more of Logan, his weaknesses but also some strengths. , the ever developing friendship with DI Steel is both heart warming as it is very funny. Anyone who reads Stuart MacBride knows he has a fantastic sense of humour and the wicked black comedy is more prevalent than ever and I must…

River of Salt by Dave Warner
Books / January 16, 2019

I’m not sure where to start with this one, from the outset I should have loved this book but I just didn’t . It’s not a bad book by any means , it’s a good book, it’s quite fast paced but it just feels a bit , I don’t know, doomed all the way through, there are no elements of comedy to lighten the mood but then it’s a murder mystery… So it’s set in Australia in the 60s, an American mob hit man on the run trying to start a fresh in a new world, I’ll be honest I felt like the book was set in the America the whole time , the odd Aussie slang brought me back to Australia every now and then.a prostitutes body has been found brutally murdered and the police looking for a quick close, finger one of Blake’s friends and so on the tale and whodunnit begins in the small town, everyone man is a suspect and the local police man just won’t get involved,he just wants the problem gone and his peaceful little town back …step forward Blake. Blake is in an interesting character but he’s almost boring, his character Arc is…