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November 15, 2019

Three years ago, Ethan and Nikki Rhodes suffered a devastating loss. Their four-year-old daughter Grace was tragically killed when she ran from their garden into the path of a car. Ethan, a radio personality, escapes into work, while Nikki quits her job to care for their remaining child, Grace's twin sister, Bella, who hasn't spoken since that night.

Trying to give the family a fresh start, Ethan moves them to a revolutionary house designed by the world-famous architect, Catriona Fisher. For the Rhodes', this is a life-changing move because a key feature of the house is the state of the art security system that allows them to be completely safe from the outside world within their own home.

But what if what they fear most is actually inside the house? What if 17 Church Row isn't the safe haven that they think it is?



Thanks to Tracy at Compusive Readers and Zaffre Books for my e - copy of the new chiller, '17 Church Row' by James Carol.

This is my first read by James Carol, so not really knowing what to expect from this writer I read with an open mind and finished very impressed and a new fan.

3 years after the tragic death of one of their twins, Grace. Nikki, Ethan and the remaining twin, Bella who is suffering inexplicably after the death, and no longer speaks, move into a new house looking for a fresh start which they hope will help Bella move on.

This house though, is something a bit different, designed by world-renowned architect, Catriona Fisher, this house is at the forefront of technology, think of Alexa and then some. Meet 'Alice' the next-gen in AI assistance. She can make you coffee, order your shopping, book your appointments and get your pizza delivered. There is very little Alice can't do....

This is a very well crafted story, one that will give you the creeps and gives you that feeling of uncertainty when you think how close we probably are now to having such houses. But what this book also has is some story, it's not just a story to give you the chills but the story of Nikki, Ethan and Bella and the loss they have suffered, how its affected them and the lengths we go to for our children and family.

With plenty of twists, this is a page turner for our technological times, and an entertaining read. Paced well, with a good plot and easy to read, it engages you and makes you think. A kind of hybrid thriller spliced with Science Fiction.

A recommended Read

4 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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