A Book of Bones by John Connolly (Charlie Parker 17)

April 10, 2019

April each year, John Connolly releases the next part of the Charlie Parker series, this is THE book I wait for each year. A Book of Bones is the 17th in the series. I have followed this series since the first book , Every Dead Thing.

Each book seem to be better than the last. This, the 17th part is also the biggest weighing in at 720 pages this is no light read, it’s an epic piece of work.

From the outset this reads as a sequel to the Woman in the Woods. Whilst you dont have to have read that book, or the previous 16, Connolly writes enough to make this easy to read as your first in the series,I really do suggest you do because you are missing a stunning series, in my opinion currently the Best crime series currently being written .

Charlie Parker is a private investigator, who has suffered from tragedy and heartache in his life, Father to 2 daugthers,1 living, 1 not. He is working a case in Texas when he receives a call from his ally, not sure so much friend, but definitely ally in a SAC Ross of the FBI, a body has turned up in Arizona, believed  to be that of the missing Pallida Mors, if you follow the series you will know her from book 16, The woman in the woods.

Parker heads to Arizona to meet Ross and investigate the body , which turns out not to be Mors.

The despicable Mors and her Master, The Lawyer Quayle, who crave and search for the Fractured Atlas, a book of immense power, are still very much alive. So the hunt begins,Parker calls in Louis and Angel, His only real friends, the only People he trusts , who beginning with Amsterdam begin the hunt for Quayle and Mors, leading them finally to London.

A body is found in England Northumberland found on the site of an accident church site belonging to the familists. As more bodies turn up around the country, Parker begins to investigate.

Early on in the book, in the first 100 pages there is a noticeable addition of new characters which is not usually the norm in the Parker series, this takes a bit of getting used to as Parker,Louis and Angel almost take a back seat.

Its almost 2 books at once, an investigation in England and Parker and the gang doing their stuff whilst also telling the back story of the mad man Quayle and filling out the story of the Fractured Atlas, the book Quayle hunts to end the world , towards the middle of the book though it begins to pull together and the Parker element of the book really starts to come to the fore.

As with every book, the writing is simply stunning, Connolly uses words i dont know exist but they fit perfectly, the sense of the macabre is throughout whilst the cutting humour of Parker , Louis and Angel is simply brilliant.

This is a very different book from all the others, Parker, Louis, Angel are aging but it feels like they are readying for the final battle, regardless of age, health or whatever, the small band of brothers will be together till the end.

A master of the macabre and the supernatural, this is another outstanding work in the series, the biggest most detailed and dense.

The finale begins to ramp up in the final quarter of the book as Parker starts to close in on his Prey. What ensues is classic Parker, Action Packed,Taut, Tense, Violent and more, and it brings, what feels like closure to this particular part of the series. I cant wait until next April.

5 ⭐️

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