A Death in Mayfair by Mark Ellis (DCI Frank Merlin 4) #BlogTour

November 22, 2019

December 1941.

On a bright Sunday morning in Hawaii, Japanese planes swoop down and attack the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbour. America enters the war and Britain no longer stands alone against Hitler.

Conditions on the home front remain bleak. In a city pulverised by the Blitz, with rampant crime and corruption and overstretched police resources, life for Scotland Yard detective Frank Merlin continues as arduous as ever.

In the week of Japan's aggression, the shattered body of beautiful film star Laura Curzon is found on the pavement beneath her Mayfair apartment, an apparent suicide. A mile away, the body of a strangled young girl is discovered in the rubble of a bombed-out building.

Merlin and his team investigate, encountering fraudulent film moguls, philandering movie stars, depraved Satanists and brutal gangsters as they battle through a wintry London in pursuit of the truth.


Thanks to Midas PR for the invite and ARC of the latest in the DCI Frank Merlin, A Death In Mayfair, by Mark Ellis

The 4th in the series , this is my first read of the series a very good one it is to.

1941, wartime London, while the Germans are busy in Russia, the streets of London are safe, at least for now from the bombs, but other danger is lurking.

The body of a film star is found on the pavement at her apartment, in what appears to be an apparent suicide, then just a mile away, in a bombed out building, a teenage girls body is found, not fitting the way she would have died if caught in a bombing,

DCI Frank Merlin and his team investigate these 2 possible crimes, in a London where crime is rife and the gangsters are profiting from the war-time traumas.

A richly plotted story, of murder and gangsters that takes us deep in to the world of film making at the time, and the crafty and unscrupulous film producers and the even amoral film stars.

Money, Drink, Drugs and sex is weaved throughout this classic tale.

Mark Ellis has shown me a London, or war-time I never knew existed, where the criminals and corruption ran the city.

The writing is rich and it’s paced to keep you turning the pages and in DCI Frank Merlin, Mark Ellis has created a Detective who is easy to take to, and I only want to read more of this interesting and cleverly crafted protagonist.

This is an excellent read by an author who clearly knows his subject and highly recommended to and readers who enjoy historical war-time fiction but also any reader who enjoys a real good mystery.




Mark Ellis is a thriller writer from Swansea and a former barrister. He is the creator of DCI Frank Merlin, an Anglo-Spanish police detective operating in World War 2 London. His books treat the reader to a vivid portrait of London during the war.

Mark grew up under the shadow of his parents’ experience of the Second World War. He has always been fascinated by the fact that while the nation was engaged in a heroic endeavour, crime flourished. His father served in the wartime navy and died a young man. His mother told him stories of watching the heavy bombardment of Swansea from the safe vantage point of a hill in Llanelli, and of attending tea dances in wartime London under the bombs and doodlebugs.

In consequence Mark has always been fascinated by WW2 and in particular the Home Front and the fact that while the nation was engaged in a heroic endeavour, crime flourished. Murder, robbery, theft and rape were rife and the Blitz provided scope for widespread looting.This was an intriguing, harsh and cruel world. This is the world of DCI Frank Merlin.

Mark Ellis’ books regularly appear in the Kindle bestseller charts. He is a member of the Crime Writers Association (CWA). His most recent book, Merlin at War, was on the CWA Historical Dagger Longlist in 2018. A Death in Mayfair will be published in November 2019.


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