A Single Source by Peter Hanington

April 27, 2019

A new author and new genre for me. I’m not sure how to “categorise “ this, I’m going to say it’s a political thriller, which almost reads as a classic spy novel.

A gently paced opening introduces the 3 story strings in this book.

Set in 2011, at the time of the “ Arab spring” Veteran BBC reporter William Carver and his trusted producer Patrick are in Egypt covering events as the insurrection and riots begin to break out.

Whilst in London.  Ex journalist and colleague of Carver's, Rob Mariscal now head of Comms at the MOD, is working on a project to both protect the MOD's interest , in a weapons and arms company from the treasury budget cuts while ensuring the Involvement is not of pubic knowledge

In Eritrea , Africa, the tale of 2 young brothers, looking to escape the county is also being told. Soloman and Gebre, with the help of their scheming smuggler grandfather ,set off with people traffickers , in hope of reaching Europe.

In Egypt. Carver comes across what appears to be tear gas canisters made by a British company

Rob is working Hard trying to cover up any involvment

Eritrea. The journey is a difficult brutal experience across desert and blistering heat, with little to eat or drink. it’s hard not to become emotionally involved with the brothers. One strong, one weak. Willing each to the the end of the arduous journey, it’s at times heart wrenching.

Focus on how Twitter and social media has become almost become front line journalism, anyone can tweet news now.

Locations are well described, especially the descriptions of Eritrea.

Corruption, people trafficking , double crossing and blackmail, this is a touching tale that builds into an emotional finale that brings all the strings together

Very well written, intriguing, difficult to put down, an often slow paced but genuinely Gripping, tense, highly researched and intelligent thriller.

I highly recommend and I will certainly be looking into the author’s first novel involving the same characters


You can buy now at Amazon by clicking the link 👉


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