Black Creek White Lies by Murray Bailey

February 11, 2019

Set in Cornwall; a troubled 16 year girl, Jade Bridger, goes missing in the small hours of the night, just minutes after last being seen with her friend , 31 year old Dan Searle, owner of a local boatyard and son of John Searle, a renowned farmer around those parts.

Dan is subsequently charged with murder though with no body or evidence the case is dropped and after 18 months. With that he returns to Truro....

His Aunt Margaret and Friend Tom have been holding fort while gone but the business is in dire straits, with all his customers going to another competitor, one in particular

The local police don’t want to help and in particular DS Gary Collick - beilives he’s guilty and determined to prove it.

A tale of small town mentality, everyone knows each other and Dan is guilty before innocent; with the help of his ex they set about proving his innocence

There is a fathers betrayal and local myths and legends to contend with in a Twisty Turning mystery- what has been happening on his fathers farm is rooted firmly in the dark

There a couple of unexpected events that were really surprising and not even on my radar but perfectly in sync with story and explained in seamlessly.

Nicely paced, page turning, made me want to read more , easy to read and the Cornish setting is described very well.

Kindly gifted a signed copy by the author in exchange for a review - this in no way influenced my review

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