Black Summer by M.W. Craven (Washington Poe 2)

June 3, 2019


I started my review site in early January 2019 and one of my first reviews was the 2018 release of M.W Craven’s The puppet show ... In that book we were introduced to Washington  Poe and Tilly Bradshaw, and just from that book it’s like I’ve grown an affinity to the duo

Thanks to the joys of social media I’ve been following the author M.W.Craven and after badgering him pretty much daily I was granted an arc of this highly anticipated follow up to The Puppet Show.

As with its superb predecessor , you are instantly drawn in by Craven’s addictive writing style, it’s almost infectious. it strikes me again that he writes how “normal “ people talk. There is no pretence in his words at all.

Hooked from the first, disturbing page, the story follows Poe as he is called back to Cumbria, a murder he solved 6 years ago has raised it’s ugly head, the victim, Elizabeth Keaton, believed to have been killed by her father, world renowned chef, Jared Keaton, who was never found, has turned up , handing herself over to the local police.

With the finger now firmly pointing at him and facing a race against time, before the Sadistic Keaton is released from prison, Poe calls on his partner and best friend, the indomitable Tilly Bradshaw, to come up and help out with the case and together with trusty dog Edgar, they set off looking into this latest, very personal case with Poe’s own freedom in the balance.

Straight away the odd couple are back to their best , the banter flows, but also the way they care about each other, The relationship is blossoming.

The characters are evolving, Poe now he has found out about his Mother is almost loosening up a bit , and Tilly,  is becoming, or at least trying to be more socially aware and now has her own team to look after. DI Flynn returns though with her own troubles this time.

Very different from the 1st book in the series , this is more police procedural with massive detail into the scientific side of police work and Tilly with her gadgets and computers.

The research into this book must have been a lot of work , especially the research into the birds....

Though only the 2nd in the series, Craven’s book almost feels like he’s a kid in a sweet shop, he’s having so much fun, I can only imagine what else he has got coming , it’s funny, it’s captivating, it’s just great stuff, he clearly has a very devious mischievous mind and the man is an absolute joy to read. His prose is on point, it’s sharp, it’s witty, it’s very funny at times and it’s honest. He’s just getting better.

I loved the previous book The Puppet show , but for me Black Summer is somehow even better, there isn’t as much gore, though a particular scene involving a bird....😱’s just a smashing , very clever crime tale with an ending that is simply pushing on genius

Pre-order it now!

5 massive burning 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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