Border Son by Samuel Parker

February 27, 2019

Set in Nuevo Negaldo, Mexico, a Border Town with El Paso , this is a tale about the drug Cartels and a young American , Tyler Kazmierski, who is caught up working with them.

Tyler’s dad Edward Kazmierski , estranged from his son for over 6 years receives a mysterious phone call, “come to Mexico to save your son “ , having not seen or heard from Tyler and his last known knowledge of him being In a prison in El Paso, Ed has turned his back on his son, but this strange call has woken his fatherly instinct

Ed is then assaulted in his own shop by 2 thugs looking for Tyler? What’s going on?

The Tension builds and Ed decides to pack up and take the long trip to Mexico and get to source of the strange call and find his son and if so help him. I felt genuine intrigue and excitement around this point

In the meantime , Roberto, a cartel member is telling his side of the story, he appears to be trying to help Tyler at his own very dangerous risk, Why? Roberto’s story also revolves around his mother , Camilla and his need to protect her from his environment

A truck containing a load of drugs has gone missing and the cartel want to know where it is, they want their goods back at any cost.

A crazed Cartel hitmen is loose, a corrupted FBI agent is on the prowl, missing drugs, cartels and philosopher priests are all abound in this tale

Ed’s struggles and fears in a dark part of Mexico where he has no friends and doesn’t know where he is, or who to turn to.

What this book doesnt have is any type of humour , this a straight shooting book, it’s not here to make you laugh.

Short , sharp punchy chapters , there is no unnecessary filling of chapters , extremely well written, this book easily flows along is action packed and delivers punch after punch and you want to turn page after page.

This is a cut above other cartel type stories and told from a very different angle , almost a rehash of the prodigal son.

I didn’t want to put it down.

It’s an outstanding piece of work and it’s a 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Thank you to Net Galley for my free review copy, as ever this has not influenced my review score at all.

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