Closer Than You Think by Darren O’Sullivan

March 6, 2019

My first book by Darren O Sullivan, this is psychological suspense thriller, not something I read lots of so was intrigued to start this one going by the blurb.

It’s written from the POV of Claire Moore , survivor of an attempted murder 10 years ago and the murderer, who will remain nameless. Claire’s is written in the first person, and the Murderer’s in the 3rd person, this is both clever and interesting and a nice little change from the norm.

Claire, is trying to piece her life back together, suffering from PTSD after surviving the horrific attempt on her life 10 years ago. Believing her murderer is now dead she is trying to move on with the help of her mum, a very realistic, believable character, step dad Geoff and friend Penny.

The way her depression is described is written excellently and it comes across very genuine and how I would imagine someone to feel and act after such atrocities.

So....our killer is not dead, and now he’s back and closer then Claire thinks, he’s silently stalking her, building up to exacting his revenge for her survival.

Told in flashbacks and in the present both Claire and the killer describe their pasts and events leading up the murder, it’s quite interesting how the killer is describing past kills and a twist from the usual.

The finale bubbles up nicely to a shocking , unexpected but very clever end.

It’s not a massive book but it’s still a slow burner, though I feel the author ratchets the tension and builds it nicely, it quietly disturbs you as you build to the final stages.

It’s easy, uncomplicated writing, page turning and a very good read that I would recommend to any fan of this genre


Thanks as usual to Net Galley for my free review copy, as ever my review is totally unbiased.

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