Criss Cross by James Patterson (Alex Cross 27)

October 30, 2019

After witnessing the execution of Michael Edgerton, a man he helped convict of several murders, Alex Cross thought he could finally put the case behind him.

But when a body turns up with a note signed by 'M', Alex knows that the nightmare is far from over.

Accused by Edgerton's family of framing him for murder, Cross fights to clear his name as the case against him builds.

And as more notes - and more bodies - start appearing, Cross is determined to put an end to this case once and for all



Thanks to Merle at Penguin Books for my gifted copy of the 27th book in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson, Criss Cross

I probably read the first 15 Alex Cross thrillers, so going back in no at 27 I wondered what may have changed, but as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke.....

This time around Alex Cross, after witnessing the execution of a serial murderer he helped bring to justice,  is being hounded by the almost indomitable villain known only as 'M' , casting doubt over the Murders, Did Cross just send the wrong man to his death?

The same clever twisty tales, written in short snappy chapters, James Patterson will always make sure you are turning the pages fast and you will never be bored, there is rarely a lull as Cross is pulled one way and the next, protecting his loved ones.

Addictive, Compulsive and as entertaining as ever, a series that shows no sign of letting up any time soon

A Recommended Read

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