Daddy’s Girls by Sarah Flint (DC Charlotte Stafford 6) #BlogTour

September 26, 2019

He wasn't always a killer. At first, he just wanted to talk.

D.C. Charlie Stafford has an odd case on her hands. And it may be her toughest one yet.

A burglar who isn't interested in valuables, the subject of Operation Greystream is a strange but smooth operator. In the dead of the night, gloved and masked, he visits the elderly. He doesn't hurt them and, if they beg, he won't take anything of real value. All he wants is conversation... and they're powerless to refuse him.

But then 87-year-old Florence Briarly is found by her friend, cold to the touch and neatly, too neatly, tucked into bed. And Charlie realises this case has taken a sinister, urgent turn. Now this stealthy burglar has had a taste of murder, it's only a matter of time until he craves it again...


My Review

Thanks to Vicky at Aria for my invite to the tour for the 6th in the DC Charlotte Stafford series, Daddy's Girls

This is my first book by Sarah Flint, so jumping in at book 6 can often be a bit difficult but this does read well as a standalone, there aren’t loads of reference to previous books so I was comfortable picking up from here.

A series of burglaries of the older generation, a burglar in breaking and entering, but not stealing much and only seems to be turning up for a talk with these older victims, until one fateful night the burglar goes to far and becomes a killer.... something he now has a taste for.

There is another story line running along side which is as equally prominent and vital to the book, one I will not go into for fear of spoilers.

My take on this book is firstly is that it was darker than I was expecting, one scene in particular was disturbing and written with frightening aplomb, it really made me sit back for a moment, its expertly done.

The book is written well, Sarah Flint is clearly a very accomplished writer whose career experiences shine through.

DC Charlotte Stafford, is suffering her own home life dramas throughout and she comes across a little morose as she battles her own demons.

This book isn't one to make you laugh, approaching some taboo and upsetting subjects, it's a very good murder mystery that packs a punch and has plenty of twists right up until the killers reveal.

Gently paced, it never really steams along, but that for me, suits the tale and subject matter in hand.

A recommended read



With a Metropolitan Police career spanning 35 years Sarah has spent her adulthood surrounded by victims, criminals and police officers. She continues to work and lives in London with her partner and has three older daughters.

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