Deadland by William Shaw (DS Alexandra Cupidi 2)

May 3, 2019

William Shaw is an author I’ve been interested in for a while, while not quite getting around to picking up and reading so when this galley came up I thought time to have a look.

What I found was an author clearly at the forefront of British Crime writing.

Two teenage boys, unemployed and skint, mug a random guy stepping off a train for his iPhone and bag. This turns out to be a huge mistake as the guy will stop at nothing to get his phones back, they are now being hunted. In fear of their lives they go on the run, with no money, or food what develops is a tale of attrition and survival for the boys. Whilst you are maybe supposed to feel sorry for the lads, they set off a certain chain of events that kind of stopped me doing that, nevertheless a very interesting premise and I did enjoy their double act.

Detective Sergeant Alexandra Cupidi , the main protagonist, is looking into a strange crime at an art gallery, an arm has been found in an exhibit, was it meant to be found or was it hidden. And why?

There is a back story involving a William south, an ex police officer just released from Prison and Cupidi’s reclusive 17 year old daughter Zoe.

This book explores the class divide in this country, the struggling boys resorting to petty crime to make ends meet and then the social class involved in the art world. The rich and famous.

The Locations in Kent and Dungeness in particular are desecribed fantastical well, Dungeness in the dark at times feels rather haunting.

Great characterisations, Cupidi, though a massive stickler for the rules, is hard not to like, she has a sense of humour and feels real, she’s not a generic crime catcher , Jill Ferriter , a young but troubled Constable who Cupidi seems to protect like her own daughter is easy to like and become attached to, the eccentric wannabe artist Ross Clough is both entertaining and excellent.

Murder, kids on the run, the eccentrically rich and the dark and murky world of art dealing, blackmail and theft of millions make for a superb fast paced cracker.

The Plotting is great and the stories merge seamlessly . This is excellent crime writing of the highest class.

This is a proper crime thriller that I genuinely enjoyed, the fact I have the authors other books to read which I bought before picking this up courtesy of net galley is a massive bonus.

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