Drug Gang by Neil Walker (Drug Gang Trilogy 1)

February 17, 2019

Where to start with this bad boy!

Manchester 2001, John Kennedy has just arrived in Manchester after a year travelling Thailand and Australia. Fed up living hand to mouth in dead end jobs In Belfast, where he is originally from,

He’s come to meet a friend Micheal who he met on his travels,. Micheal says he has a friend who has some work...

Introduced to Doug, it quickly becomes apparent this work is of the physical type, he is going to become part of a drug gang, the brotherhood.

This is a brutal, bloody, ultra violent look into what is a gang ran with military precision, it’s scary to imagine this type of thing could exist but it’s also cracking good reading.

The tension increases as doubts creep in as the beatings, jobs and dealing becomes more intense and lead to worse and worse things.

The finale builds toward one of the most awful, powerful chapters I’ve read of any book. I am hard to shock, this particular chapter left me close to disturbed but it fits into the essence of the story and as shocking as it is , it’s almost essential to the story,

The ending is a brilliant smash and grab, this book is a tour de force

It’s a massively cool,urban, dark, powerful, disturbing and shocking book, it’s got its Quentin Tarantino vibe, you think natural born killers, reservoir dogs, there is talk of John Woo, and his style is also all over this book.

This should be made into a movie

If you have any love for the 90s, for the music of that time, for the drug culture and the movies, get this book. i need the next 2 parts in the trilogy right now


I was given this copy by the author himself but this has in no way affected my review score,

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