Drug Gang Takedown by Neil Walker (Drug Gang Trilogy 3)

August 7, 2019


Firstly, Thanks again to Neil Walker for providing me with a copy of the 3rd and final piece of his blistering Drug Gang Trilogy.

This final part, Takedown, picks up at the end of Vengeance, where protagonist John Kennedy and girlfriend Lucy are now ready to finally step away from the game. If only it was that simple...

Back in Australia, and drawn back in by friend Blair, John is left with no choice but to help his friend battle the crazed hatchet gang.

This book is an absolute Powder Keg, as John metes out the shocking brutality the only way he knows how.

Neil Walker writes violence with such a savagery and verve, he really knows how to get under your skin, it's sickening at times but YOU have to read on, and it fits into his explosive, energetic stories flawlessly.

This trilogy is not just a tale of gratuitous violence, they are cracking stories also. Neil Walker comes up with his nastiest , most vicious enemy yet, and that takes some doing!

There is a monster twist in this one which dropped my jaw!

This final part is another, full on punch straight in the throat. its loud, its brutal, its brash, its chaos, it's absolutely marvellous!

The pacing is lightning quick, the story never lets up as Neil Walker ratchets up the tension to John’s last shootout at the O.K Corral.

Powerful, Shocking, Frantic, I have massively enjoyed reading this combustible Gang land trilogy, the drugs, the violence, it’s been pure rock and roll, and im glad Neil Walker brought it to such a great end.

In earlier reviews you may not have read, I’ve stated these book have a Quentin Tarantino vibe, I would so love to see these books on the silver screen and watch a British actor ripping it up John Kennedy style.

If you're a fan of British gangster classics, John Wick, Bryan Mills, Tarantino, John Woo, Jean-Claude Van Damme, then read these books, sit back, strap in, and be entertained.


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