Every Night I Dream of Hell by Malcolm Mackay (Glasgow Underground 5)

January 21, 2019

The 5th book in the Glasgow Series by Malcolm Mackay and my favourite so far. As with the first 4 the writing is immaculate, superb stuff. Page turning,Brutal Violent stuff. This time around a character, hard man Nate Colgan from

the Glasgow trilogy is the main Protagonist. In the earlier 3 books Nate is a hard man who sorts problems for the organisation but other than knowing he is someone to fear there isn’t much about him. In this the character is really fleshed out and he’s a broken soul, a depressed man who is feared by all around him but you get a sense he doesn’t want to be but it’s his job. It’s what he does best it’s all he knows. I really took to him in this book. Certainly more than Callum in the first stories or the 2 young lads in book 4. This one is set after the first 3 book, without spoiling anything the head honchos of the crime organisation are now under lock and key but still just hanging on to power of their broke organisation. Enter a small gang from

Down south looking take over, that small gang is joined by Nate’s Ex and mother to his daughter, Zara Cope, they have a very fractured relationship and that’s made very abundant is this book. Nate’s job is as newly crowned ‘security consultant ‘ is to root this gang out and put a stop

To any take over smarting, but it quickly becomes apparent that all is not what it seems, is someone else in the organisation making a move? Who’s financing these young English players? It’s a great tale all

Woven together brilliantly and a great end as well. I’m glad to see there is a book 6 which is another Nate Colgan tale, so that’s straight in order, I hope it’s not the last, great stuff and a brilliant start to my 2019 reading!

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