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July 3, 2019

Robert Norris. An eighteen-year old petty criminal is brutally tortured and left in a farmer’s field to die.  

DCI Jack Lambert, and his team, think they have it all figured out. It’s a robbery gone wrong. Suspicion immediately falls on the man who called it in. 

What Jack doesn’t realise is that this is just the beginning. 

An escaped prisoner, an attempted hit, and a seemingly unending trail of violence and retribution follows.  

As the mystery unfolds, Jack begins to suspect the existence of a secret, but powerful, syndicate operating on the very edges of the North East’s criminal underworld. 

With the situation spiralling out of control, Jack finds himself at a crossroads—one which could lead him back into the kind of life he has spent a career running away from.

 Time is running out and this case might not only cost Lambert his job, but also his life…

“From its very first gut-wrenching chapter I was completely hooked on ‘Open Grave’. This book signals the emergence of a brand new, north-east, crime-writing talent to watch out for. A.M Peacock is absolutely the real deal and Jack Lambert is a fascinating creation, destined for a big following. I can’t wait for the next one!”  Howard Linskey

My Review

Thanks to Heather at Bloodhound Books for my ARC of the 2nd book in the DCI Jack Lambert series by North East writer A.M, Peacock.

I’ve yet to read book 1 but it is amongst my TBR, nevertheless I was happy to read book 2 and join the blog blitz.

The opening chapter to this really sets a scene, as a young , would be robber is caught in the act, attempting to rob an aging farmer, his body is found, leaving the premises, brutally tortured and murdered in a field., the finger firmly pointed at the Farmer, DCI Jack Lambert enters the fray.

Soon the farmer turns up dead , throwing the investigation off and the team also realise they have a mole in their midst.

This is a tale of gangland and crime underworlds, escaped prisoners, assassination attempts and threats to Jacks family.

Jack Lambert is an interesting new character , he appears to be very rough around the edges with a sinister past linked to the gangs and Underworld of the North East , His team and supporting cast are good and challenge him constantly.

A.M Peacock’s writing is very easy to read, I found my self quickly lapping up page after page, just an easy and inviting writing style I was very comfortable with.

The biggest complement I can give, is this doesn't read or feel like an author of 2 novels, it reads like a book deep into a series and an author on his way to the forefront of crime writing. it's a highly accomplished crime thriller and I hope part of a long series, this book leaves me waiting for book 3, and what Jack Lambert has to bring to his enemies!



A.M. Peacock grew up in the North East of England before leaving to study for a degree in music technology at the University of Hull. A subsequent return to his hometown of South Shields saw him spend seven years as a teacher in a local college before changing careers to become a trade union official.  

Having always been an avid reader, he took to writing after being encouraged to do so by his PGCE tutor. He has since gone on to produce a number of short stories, winning the Writers’ Forum Magazine competition on two occasions, as well as producing articles for both the local press and a university magazine.  

A.M. Peacock is passionate about crime fiction and his debut novel, Open Grave, is the first in what he hopes will become a series of DCI Jack Lambert books.

Away from writing, A.M. Peacock enjoys watching films, playing guitar and can often be found pavement pounding in preparation for the odd half marathon.  

A.M. Peacock can be found on Twitter at  @ampeacockwriter.

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