Heartman by M.P.Wright (J.T. Ellington 1) #BristolBooks

July 26, 2019

Heartman is the first in a series of reviews I’m going to do featuring Bristol based characters or authors, related to my beautiful home City...

Could I have picked anything better to start this series of reviews? The resounding answer is NO!

Heartman is the first book in a 4 book series, the very recently released, The Sinner’s Prayer, the last.

This first story is based in 1960’s Bristol, starring a crafty old fox of a detective in Bajan , J.T.Ellington, not long arrived from the island of Barbados, he’s left his home island following a tragedy with his wife and daughter, he’s now looking to start a new life.

M.P. Wright spins a mesmerizing tale, employed by a pillar of the local black community, J.T sets about looking for a missing mute girl.

An absolutely intriguing, fascinating and brilliant story ensues as M.P.Wright and J.T. Ellington take us into the dark side of Bristol, the pubs ,the clubs, the shebeens, the whore houses and more.

J.T is a stubborn , wily, crafty, clever , intelligent beast, assisted by his not so law-abiding but equally persistent cousin Vic, he takes no prisoners in his quest to both solve the crime but do right , both for the victim, but deep down for himself and his lost loved ones.

A deeply immersive tale, I found myself hypnotised by the authors words.

The descriptive writing of the era that J.T lived in and , indeed, my home town are quite brilliant, M.P. Wright has clearly surrounded himself in Bristol life and culture, he pulls no punches, telling it how is, he’s taught and educated me in this book.

The writing is inviting and enchanting, it’s gripping stuff. The pace doesn’t let up as J.T pursues his prey.

Character wise, J.T is a brilliant protagonist, his cousin Vic, is a firework waiting to go off. I felt he was almost as important as J.T to the story. On the subject of characters, M.P. Wright introduces us to some wonderful people, Aunt Pearl and Uncle Gabe amongst them.

Locales are so on point, so bang on, you could be there as the author describes it.

There are also some real heart breaking moments in this book. I’ll leave that there for you to discover.

Wrapping up my review, I can, hand on heart say, that my love of my home city has in no way influenced my thoughts or review,

This dark, Rum soaked, Crime Thriller is a first class work.

I was blown away, I’ve read some astonishing books this year, is this up there? Yes! I devoured this book. And I’m now turning the pages of book 2.

I’ll see you again soon with my review of All Through Night...

5 Flaming 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



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