Never Tell by Lisa Gardner (Detective D.D Warren 10)

February 14, 2019

My first book by Lisa Gardner starts with a tense opening chapter, fear but unspoken by Evie , as she enters her marital home with a sense of dread , something isn’t right, as she looks around her home with panic and trepidation she walks into her husbands office , there he Is, blood everywhere, dead looking at his computer, gunshots to the body and head, Evie is arrested at the scene for murder...scene is set

Detective D.D Warren and her confidential informant , the damaged Flora Dane , survivor of a terrible crime herself , work the case .

Evie is known by D.D from another fatal shooting , that time with a shotgun , killing her own father 16 years ago, that death was deemed an accident. Has lighting struck twice? Can one woman be involved in two accidental shootings? Or is something more sinister taking place this time ?

Flora Dane is damaged by being kept kidnapped and abused by Jacob Ness , a serial sex addict and abuser or women, for over 400 days.

Flora realises , Evie’s now Dead husband Conrad , is linked to her abduction years ago, she recalls Conrad trying to buy her possibly from Ness in a bar....Is Conrad another predator?

Each chapter is written from a main character POV, detailing past events building into the current and bringing them altogether in the stories Arc, I really enjoyed this style of writing.

Flora is telling the story of her capture and life with ness, and also using that to help with the clues for the new investigation.

Evie , detailing her fathers death , and what really happened, the tales of Flora and Evie become inexplicably linked and we dig deeper into what actually happened with her father and husband

D D is not so involved but tells her story from young cop to hardened sergeant,Convinced Evie is guilty this time around.

The 3 stories come together very well as they all search for answers about Jacob Ness and Conrad Carter.

I will say this , as a first time reader of the series, that this definitely feels like a Flora Dane book, not a Detective DD Warren book, Flora demands her own series , she’s a fantastic character.

It’s an Intriguing tale that snakes and twists around, ,lies and betrayal begging to be uncovered as the story begins to crank up toward the end, quickening pace to the writing it never stops and builds brilliantly into an explosive, emotional finale.

This is a cracking read 4.5

Thanks to Net Galley for this free review copy, this in no way reflects my review

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