No Man’s Land by Neil Broadfoot (Connor Fraser 1)

March 24, 2019

This is the first book in a new series starring Connor Fraser, an ex Northern Ireland Police Officer, now a close security contractor working for Sentinel Securities ran by ex army Lieutenant Colonel Lachlan Jameson 

Set in Stirling , Scotland , Whilst Connor is looking after a local celebrity, who is a star witness in a murder, a gruesome discovery is made at a popular tourist hotspot , Cowane’s hospital, a brutally decapitated body. An investigation is led by DCI Malcolm Ford, who seems to be mentally disturbed by this discovery, taking the murder almost personally 

Connor keeps an eye on the investigation through Social Media and local radio in the name of reporter Donna Blake, a single mother, struggling with her parents caring for her son yet fiercely ambitious to become more than the local radio reporter. 

When a second body turns up Connor realises he is inexplicably linked to these murders, Donna continues to push the bar, desperately chasing the story , trying to get info to impress, whilst Ford becomes more and more emotionally involved

As the story develops, Connor and Ford are forced into an uneasy alliance, together to fight the greater cause , Connor calls in his best friend Simon from the PFNI to help him with the investigation.

Connor is a proper hero with echoes of a young Jack Reacher, Connor is a bit of a machine, he has his issues from his past and his sick grandmother to contend with but nothing will stop him in his pursuit of the bad guys 

This is atmospheric, bloody, brutal , tense,  and at times, disturbing,  a compelling tale soaked in blood and gore, throw in a bit of brexit and politics, this is a bang up to date thriller.

The writing flows perfectly, attention to detail is just right, it’s very descriptive and brilliantly savage at the gruesome parts, this book is a winner, I loved it,more Connor please!


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  • Leireadingrealm April 16, 2019 at 3:13 pm

    Good and detailed review. I love to explore and immerse in the space with thrill and investigation story, slowly revealing the true pages by pages. Love it! Getting this book on my to buy list.

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