Parasites by Matthew Samuels

October 24, 2019

Parasites is a YA science fiction, solarpunk exploration novel that takes place at the end of the universe, just as it slowly starts to contract in the ‘big crunch’. On the planet Lyra, humans evolved late, on a resource-poor world, in a resource-poor solar system. The Lyrans master space flight, only to discover that their nearest worlds have also been stripped of resources. The population begins to decline, until a scientist discovers a technology allowing people and vehicles to travel through ‘thinnings’ – patches of space linking universes.

Kael and Alessia are explorers, charting where the thinnings go and bringing valuable resources back to Lyra, trying desperately to extend the lifespan of their home world. Alessia’s father, Ben, set out two years ago to uncover another species’ reference to a ‘solution’ to the big crunch problem – but never returned. A chance discovery leads Kael and Alessia to a clue, prompting another expedition to see if they can avoid the mistakes of the past and help to unravel the mystery.

Kael, Alessia and their gruff bodyguard Basteel retrace Ben’s steps, seeking closure for Alessia, a solution for Lyra and together begin a voyage through wild, weird and wonderful planets

My Review

Firstly my thanks to Matthew Samuels for my gifted review copy of his new novel ‘Parasites

Set on the planet ‘Lyra’ a planet woefully short of the resources needed to sustain the life residing upon it, this Young Adult targeted science fiction novel, tells the story in the main of Alessia and Kael, 2 explorers who traverse the universe through ‘thinnings’ in their ‘car’ going to distant worlds, scavenging for supplies likes Parasites...

They stumble upon a message, and set out to trace the footsteps of Alessia's father before her in hope this message is the saviour of Lyra ..

The first half of the book is paced well, it moves along setting the scene and building the story and universe.

Samuels is an author with an inquisitive and inventive mind as he set some beautiful and stunning planets and settings .

As the 2nd part of the story really ramps up, Samuels mind and creations come to the fore in a fast paced sci-fi thriller full of action and mystical aliens and worlds.

There is more to this story than spaceships and aliens, it's also a very touching story of friendship, empathy, and survival, showing inner strength when your back is against the wall and coming out on top. It's very feel good at times.

A great read by an author full of imagination, I would happily recommend to young adults and older readers, it’s a cracking piece of science fiction and I would happily read more by Matthew Samuels and hope to see more of Alessia and Kael, and Basteel of course!

4 🔥🔥🔥🔥

As ever this review is completely unbiased and an honest review

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