River of Salt by Dave Warner

January 16, 2019
River of Salt

River of Salt


I’m not sure where to start with this one, from the outset I should have loved this book but I just didn’t . It’s not a bad book by any means , it’s a good book, it’s quite fast paced but it just feels a bit , I don’t know, doomed all the way through, there are no elements of comedy to lighten the mood but then it’s a murder mystery... So it’s set in Australia in the 60s, an American mob hit man on the run trying to start a fresh in a new world, I’ll be honest I felt like the book was set in the America the whole time , the odd Aussie slang brought me back to Australia every now and then.a prostitutes body has been found brutally murdered and the police looking for a quick close, finger one of Blake’s friends and so on the tale and whodunnit begins in the small town, everyone man is a suspect and the local police man just won’t get involved,he just wants the problem gone and his peaceful little town back ...step forward Blake. Blake is in an interesting character but he’s almost boring, his character Arc is interesting and the book had a good ending and kept you guessing just enough to keep you going.but maybe just not for me, thank you to Netgalley for the free copy. 3*

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