Savage Children by Peter Boland (John Savage 3) #BlogTour

October 19, 2019


Children are disappearing from London parks. Caught on CCTV, they go in but never come out again…

Days after each disappearance, the distraught parents receive a hand-drawn picture of their child as an angel. A sign they’ll never see them again. The police have no clues or leads. All they have is a nickname for the abductor – the Archangel.
When Savage’s neighbour’s ten-year-old son Callum becomes a victim, he vows to find him, and catch this Archangel. Savage has his headstrong friend Tannaz to help him. This time it’s going to take more than her brilliant computer skills to find the truth. They’ll have to enlist the help of some new friends – and some old enemies.

As more children go missing, Savage realises the Archangel is a formidable adversary. Clever, elusive and terrifying. Savage also has the police on his back, watching his every move. The deeper Savage becomes involved, the more he realises all is not what it seems…

A twisty, chilling, action-packed thriller for fans of Lee Child and David Baldacci.



Thanks to Sarah at Book on the Brightside for my invite on to the tour and copy of the new John Savage thriller ' Savage Children'  by Peter Boland.

This is the 3rd book in the series, I read and reviewed the excellent 'Savage Games' earlier in the year as part of another tour, and im happy to say this next book in the series is another cracker.

Children are disappearing from London parks, literally without a trace, with no sign on the CCTV footage of these kids leaving the parks or being taken, How and where are they going?

When Savage’s neighbours son goes missing he is inexplicably drawn into the search for his young neighbour with the help of his ever ready and ever feisty friend and computer Hacker, Tannaz.

An adrenaline filled action packed thrill ride is ahead as Savage and Tannaz, are faced with right-wing vigilantes, young gangs and dodgy police amongst others.

This is really quite an intelligent thriller, the authors knowledge of cctv and technology is quite amazing, and his two protagonists, both so very different, again gel brilliantly.

Savage is a great character, quite possibly my favourite protagonist at the moment, one minute he seems a cool and ready to strike, well oiled machine, the next he could be your favourite uncle telling a story, and he also has flaws, which raise their head again in this book, and leave a highly interesting back story to come. Alongside Tannaz they are an extremely exciting and at times, combustible duo!

Clever, Intense, Blistering and at times powerful, this is another masterful tale by Peter Boland, Keep these crackers coming please!

If you like your books full of action with sharp plots and jaw dropping twists, these books are for you.

Highly Recommended

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

After studying to be an architect, Pete realised he wasn’t very good at it. He liked designing buildings he just couldn’t make them stand up, which is a bit of a handicap in an industry that likes to keep things upright. So he switched to advertising, writing ads for everything from cruise lines to zombie video games.

After becoming disillusioned with working in ad agencies, he switched to writing novels (or was it because he just wanted to work at home in his pyjamas?). He soon realised there’s no magic formula. You just have to put one word in front of the other (and keep doing that for about a year). It also helps if you can resist the lure of surfing, playing Nintendo Switch with his son, watching America’s Next Top Model with his daughter and drinking beer in a garden chair.

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  • Sarah Hardy October 19, 2019 at 10:55 am

    Thanks Alex for being on the blog tour today and for the great review. x

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