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June 3, 2019


When Tasha witnesses a stabbing at the train station in Luton, she is compelled to give evidence in court that leads to Dean Rigby being convicted. But when Lewis, Dean’s brother, vows revenge, Tasha is afraid and no longer feels safe in her own home.

Tasha’s partner, Reuben, hopes to marry her and start a family soon. But Reuben is concerned about Tasha’s state of mind and urges her to see a doctor.

When Tasha is left a derelict country house by her birth father, she sees an opportunity to escape Luton and start a new life. After visiting Black Hollow Hall she sees it as the perfect opportunity to live a life without fear.

At first Tasha feels liberated from her troubles. The gardener, William, who is partially paralysed but employed to maintain the grounds of Black Hollow Hall, is welcoming.

But soon Tasha realises the Hall is not quite the idyll she imagined.

When she discovers that a woman jumped to her death there years ago following the murder of her husband, strange events begin to take place and Tasha fears for her safety.

Have the Rigby family found her?

Is someone trying to scare her into selling the house?

Or is she suffering from paranoia as Reuben suggests?

As Tasha’s sanity is put under pressure she begins to wonder if Black Hollow Hall going to be her salvation or her undoing…


My Review

Firstly thanks to Heather at Bloodhoud Books for the oppurtunity to read and review this new Psychological Thriller by Kerena Swan

Tasha witnesses a violent mugging late at night after a train journey home to Luton train station. A young man attacks someone for his phone, but before the assailant makes his getaway he motions to Tasha with a finger accross his throat... a warning, don't say a word.

Once the case is over and the boy now sentenced, Tasha is still living in fear of her life and safety, scared of the boy's brutish brother and family.

Out of the blue, she receives a letter from a solicitor, advising her she has been left a large house in the countryside by her birth father.

Tasked with renovating the building. Tasha comes up against the locals, whilst her own fears still follow her at every turn.

Sabotage. freak accidents, and a irrational fear of being watched, this book is about facing your fears and the devastating effects of PTSD.

Tasha's spiral into anxiety and fear , into paranoia, is very well done and its very unnerving reading.

Kerena Swan is a first time Author for me and i think she tackles the subject of this book very well, plotting is great and paced perfectly, this is one of those quietly disturbing books that keep you right on the hook to the end.

Highly Recommend.


Kerena Swan trained as a Social Worker and worked for Social Services for over 25 years. For the past 14 years she has owned and managed an ‘outstanding’ rated care agency for children with disabilities. Following serious illnesses she decided to fulfil her long-held ambition of writing a book and getting it published. ‘Dying to See You’, published by Bloodhound Books, was her debut novel.
After many years of writing professionally in the course of her work, Kerena has discovered the exhilaration and deep joy of writing fiction and can be found at all hours in front of her computer. She has recently completed her second novel 'Scared to Breathe' which is being released on 3rd June 2019.
Kerena lives with her family in a small village in Bedfordshire, UK and her books are set in the surrounding areas.
Drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience of the problematic world of social work and social studies, Kerena adds a unique angle to the domestic noir and crime genre.
If you would like to hear more about new releases, read Kerena's blogs and download a free short-story - the prequel to Dying to See You - then visit and join her mailing list.

Website: Twitter: @kerenaswan Facebook: @kerenaswan





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