Second Sister by Chan Ho-Kei #BlogTour

March 17, 2020

A young woman in Hong Kong investigates her teenage sister's death. An evocative and zeitgeisty crime novel, from the acclaimed author of The Borrowed.



Thanks to Midas PR for my slot on the blog tour and copy of ‘Second Sister’ by Chan Ho-Kei.

Originally published in 2017, this translated issue is published by Head of Zeus and centres on a desperate sister and her fight to find out why her teenage sister commits suicide after jumping from their apartment building to her untimely death.

Based in the sprawling metropolis of Hong Kong, this story delves into the dark world of jealousy, betrayal and revenge.

Opening up the world of social media, the dark web and computer hacking it’s a very up to date and current novel which is absolutely compelling.

Chan Ho-Kei creates an enthralling read, with a cast of characters that at times you want to support but also at times are very frustrating.

Nga-Yee, the distraught bedraggled sister who finds her 15-year-old sisters body, convinced it's no suicide she goes to extreme lengths to uncover the truth which leads her to ‘N’.

‘N’ is the almost anti-hero in this one, and he is a wonderfully devious creation. A computer hacker with a massive chip on his shoulder who deals with dark mysterious investigations no one else wants to look at.

Trolls and cyber bullies, grief and a revenge of the darkest kind. This book explores how far people will go both to uncover the truth and how far they will go in the pursuit of vengeance.

At times the writing and descriptions can become somewhat repetitive and clunky but this doesn’t detract from the story.

It’s a compulsive read. With explosive twists and turns that will throw you. It’s expertly done.

I would highly recommend this for something more challenging and rewarding and maybe a little different


Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong. He has worked as a software engineer, game designer, manga editor, and lecturer. Chan wrote made his debut as a writer in 2008 at the age of thirty-three, with the short story The Case of Jack and the Beanstalk which was shortlisted for the Mystery Writers of Taiwan Award. Chan re-entered the following year and won the award for his short story The Locked Room of Bluebeard.


Chan reached the first milestone of his writing career in 2011 with his novel, The Man who Sold the World which won the biggest mystery award in the Chinese speaking world, the Soji Shimada Award. The book has been published in Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Thailand and Korea.


In 2014, Chan's crime thriller The Borrowed was published in Taiwan. It has sold rights in thirteen countries, and the book will be adapted into a film by acclaimed Chinese art film director Wong Kar-Wai.


Second Sister has acquired a six-figure film deal with Linmon Pictures in China. The book will be published in the US in 2020 and rights have been sold to China, Korea and Japan.

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