Seventh by Lewis Hastings (The Seventh Wave Book 1)

August 19, 2019


Firstly my thanks to the Author, who goes by the pseudonym of Lewis Hastings, for my gifted copy of the first in his Seventh Wave Trilogy , Seventh.

In this first book, we are introduced to John ‘Jack’ Cade, a seemingly off grid, ex British Police Officer amongst other things, now living the quiet life in New Zealand.

Inexplicably drawn back in to his old life by Elena, a mysterious Bulgarian visitor,  who turns up seeking Jack out.

A story ensues that takes us back to Jack’s earlier life and career, via Hong Kong and Nottingham on to the streets of London, as Jack battles with an Eastern European Crime Syndicate deeply rooted in financial crime and far ahead of its time , headed up by the evil ‘Jackdaw’

Whilst opening with a slower pace, Lewis Hastings soon launches us into a fast paced, riotous and chaotic tale, as Jack takes no prisoners in his quest, to both serve and protect.

Introducing some fantastic characters, Carrie O’Shea and Jason Roberts in particular, Hastings writes both likeable but equally flawed characters, his characters feel very human, especially Jack himself - there is one character I hope to read again after his short cameo, DJ Pullen, a very funny twist amongst the dramatic events.

On that note while this is a crime tale, there is plenty of humour to make you smile as Hastings cuts the tension at times with wit and skill.

This is, for me, quite a serious crime thriller, it feels very real and I expect the author is sharing some real life experience.

The book was a deeply immersive read, it’s not a short read by any means , it’s a story that will pull you into the dark, powerful underworld of Eastern Europe, full of action, humour, drama, suspense and love and at times seriously emotional, this is a fantastic read.

The writing is strong, impressive and never bogs you down with unnecessary detail.  It feels like a real labour of love from the writer, and it really is very good.

As it closes out it only left me wanting to read more, so I will be picking up the next in this trilogy to see what Jack Cade has in store next in his fight against the Seventh Wave.


Highly Recommended.


  • Lewis Hastings August 20, 2019 at 3:13 am


    What can I say? (Checks to see how many characters he is allowed…)
    This is a rather special review for me. Between 2017 and 2019 I have written the entire Seventh Wave trilogy – and you are absolutely correct, this was a labour of love, spiced very heavily with both real-life characters and a genuinely true story. I am so glad that I met the real Nikolina, back in 2008. That cold day at an international airport she gave the writer in me the story I had been looking for for so long.
    Your review encapsulates Seventh so well – thank you.
    I am confident that if you enjoyed the first installment the second will entertain you even more – and the third, I am told, leaves you wrung out and wondering who to trust.

    My kindest regards,

    Lewis Hastings

  • Lewis Hastings August 20, 2019 at 3:15 am

    PS – Comments about DJ Pullen noted! He was a delight to write about and again, loosely based on a real-life interaction and pursuit. Quite how I bring him back is another story in itself!

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