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March 29, 2019


A gruesome tale of control, fear and brutality.

Marriage is not the bed of roses story books describe. More like a bed of torturous thorns. And ,how Emily bled. Escape seemed an illusion, a mirage of a rocky road between overgrown thickets of despair. Emily couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel; she wasn’t allowed to dream or think for herself and had no alternative other than submitting to his rage. Andy was a narcissist. Emily could not, and would not, disregard his superiority. Her naivety often clouded her judgment; she was damaged both mentally and physically. Would putting her trust in another lead her to a happy ending?


Thank you to Shell Baker of Baker’s Blog Tours and Promo’s for inviting me to be part of the blog tour for the new release by Cheryl Elaine - Stitched

Cheryl Elaine is a first time author for me , add to that the cover of the book, I’ll be honest I felt a bit of trepidation and did wander “am I going to want to read this?”, honest answer, yes I did. It was a good read , dealing with a very difficult subject matter.

No beating about the bush, this is a story of abuse, of fear, of control , manipulation and betrayal, and worse, at times it’s absolutely horrific.

The first chapter is brutal, unpleasant reading. Emily Brooke is a woman in living in fear,  being beaten and broken by her husband Andrew Brooke, a Police officer who finds himself in deep water after he commits an assault 

It becomes quickly apparent this is not only a tale of vile domestic abuse, it’s much more.

Detective Donovan is on the hunt for a brutal serial killer “ The Stitcher” and his hunt throws him directly into the path of the Brookes.

What follows really is savage stuff, a tale of human attrition, bravery to survive , and will power to go on versus the most heinous of killers.

The finale is completely shocking and it ties up the loose ends of the story nicely.

It’s written very hauntingly and each chapter is just dreading what the poor victim has coming next, it’s unpleasant but you have to read more.

I recommend this to anyone interested in very hard hitting fiction



Cheryl Elaine is a British Author, and resides in Yorkshire.  Throughout her life she has been an avid reader and wrote many short stories, which lead her on a path to the world of publishing. She released her debut novel - No Ordinary Girl, followed by her latest release - Stitched.

I hope you enjoy my dark and disturbing crime books, and if you fancy reading something lighter, why not check out my fantasy novel – Dragged to the Depths.

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