The Break by Ronnie O’Sullivan (Soho Nights 3)

April 16, 2019

This is the 3rd book by World Snooker Champion and Superstar, Ronnie O’Sullivan in his Soho nights series. I’ll admit to scepticism on my part about a book by O’Sullivan, but the blurb , and of course the name drew me in enough to want to see what this was all about.

I’ve not read the first 2 books but it’s quickly established you dont have to, though I will definitely be doing so now.

Such an easy book to pick up and read, the language and the writing is without any pretence, just pick up, read and enjoy.

Set in 1997 Brit pop is going mad, Frankie James, a good guy trying to make his way on the Soho scene, runs the Ambassador club, and has plans to put on the Soho Open, a new snooker tournament.

Frankie is a good guy but he does have a habit of getting involved with the wrong sort. When a big time gangster, Terence Hamilton dies a long standing pact Frank had with that gangster is forgotten and the new man in charge, his son, Dougie decides to cash in the info he has on Frank, in exchange for a job he needs doing - a heist on an art gallery slap bang in central london - big problem is Frankie works for Dougie’s biggest rival Tommy Riley.

It’s literally mission impossible. Frankie joins up with a team of reprobates, there is a druggie, a geek and  a giant mute henchman!

James Bond Bad guys, Art theft, blackmail, violence and a wicked love interest it has it all and is just a superb fun enjoyable read.

It’s a proper crime caper, it doesn’t take its self to seriously and it felt like watching Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, this definitely has film written all over it.

London is described well, the characters are likeable and it’s got lots of humour.

The language is genuine, London speak; its refreshing and the book is paced frantically , it absolutely smokes along and it’s perfect for this book.

I really did love this book, I’ve not had so much fun reading a book in a very long time.

I don’t easily give out 5 stars but for serious easy enjoyable reading, I just sat back and enjoyed the ride, I can’t give this any less

5 ⭐️

read this! it’s just cracking good! If it was a break in snooker then it’s a 5 minute Ronnie o’Sullivan 147!

You can buy now at Amazon by clicking the link 👉


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