The Chain by Adrian McKinty #BlogTour

May 9, 2019

Thanks to Tracy at Compulsive Readers for an invite to the Blog Tour for the AMAZING new book, THE CHAIN by Adrian McKinty...

Here's my story and review of what must be THE most talked about book of 2019!

You are now part of The Chain there is a tag line. I started reviewing in January 2019 and I have to say this has been the most anticipated read of my short reviewer life.

I probably noticed or started seeing bits about this book pop up on Twitter, little snippets from the publisher Orion, and then proof reviews started popping up from the likes of Don Winslow and Val McDermid praising this to the skies.

So I began to follow the author and the publisher and it became apparent that anyone in the know realised pretty quickly after reading this that they had read something special.

Weeks of teasing continued from the Orion social media team until late April they dropped a teaser in to net galley, the first 5 short chapters.

And boom, Right there they had me. A little while later after more cat and mouse with the publisher I was lucky enough to be granted an ARC on Netgalley.

It felt like a big movie launch, which inevitably it will be in future.

The opening to this book is positively sizzling, and the action and pace does not let up.

Kylie O’Neill is waiting on the bus stop for school when she is snatched by man threatening her with a gun..

Rachel, Kylie’s Mum, receives a call, whilst on her way to an urgent Dr’s Appointment , The caller tells her - I’ve kidnapped your daughter , if you want to get her back you must follow the rules of the chain. Do not to contact the police, she must pay $25000 to a specified account in Bitcoin and find another target to replace her daughter, she must follow the chain...

A fraught, frantic series of events follow and this book holds you right up until the stunning finale.

The characters are fantastic and believable, Rachel is a great protagonist, she’s strong, she’s determined and will do anything it takes.

The author utilises social media and displays just what danger we really could find ourselves in while we tell everyone where we are and what we are doing with frightening regularity.

It really is a scary book, of course it takes a lot to believe this chain could happen but with how accessible social media now is, this book has made me sit up and think twice about how I use it. Not being a massive user in the way the characters are, but it still makes you shudder. Because it COULD happen.

Tense, gripping, exciting, emotional , frightening premise , it’s a book about how far the human psyche can be stretched, how far will you go to save your children. Someone you love? What extents will you go to? Where is the line?

It’s a superb book, almost feels dystopian in its ideas, all plaudits to Adrian Mckinty for coming up with this, and it was very interesting in his notes at the end how he actually came up with it.

This will put him firmly at the front of crime writing,  and much deserved. One of THE books of 2019, I recommended that anyone reading this review, becomes part of The Chain....






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