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June 14, 2019
















When a woman staggers, naked from a river, she has no idea that she’s been saved from a killer by a text message from a dead woman.

Laura Fell is horrified when she discovers of her friend Ginas suicide. But when the autopsy reveals Gina died before her arrival at the house, she is perplexed. Who then answered her mobile phone?

Everton Bowe, a cop whose career is as dead as his marriage, insists there was no-one else present.  But he’s wrong.

Meanwhile, his ex-lover, DC Helen Lake, insists there are similarities between the traumatized river woman and the cold case of three missing women; the victims, she fears, of a serial killer.

So, when a strange Doves feather, matching one found on the river victim, is found in Gina’s house, Everton and Helen are suspicious.

If there was someone inside Gina’s house could he also be the river attacker?

And could he also be responsible for the other missing women?

At the same time, Laura Fell uncovers a web of deceit that stains the relationships around her and seems weirdly linked to Gina’s death, as well as the attacked woman.

Is there a serial killer on the loose?

If so, what is his motive, and the macabre significance of the feather?


My Review

Thanks to heather at Bloodhound for the ARC of the debut psychological thriller from E.C Deacon.

Part police procedural , part psychological thriller, this is a very good and very different debut novel.

Based around a group of middle aged friends who form the “chill out group”, a group for single friends to watch movies and read books and the like. The story revolves around one of their group apparently committing suicide in her home.

At the same time a woman is found barely alive, on the banks of a river, her body has been completely shaved and left for dead.

Everton Bowe, A cop troubled both with his home life and his health starts to investigate along with his partner and sometime lover Helen Lake , Helen begins to link the near dead body in the river to some other missing women of the same age and social status.

The back stories of Everton and Helen are quite prevalent in this book. I believe this is to be part of trilogy so your getting some information on the main protagonists.

Police procedures and the science used is quite important in this book and the writing is descriptive and well researched by the author.

Twisting, chilling, dark and brooding , this is a cracking debut which is fast paced and never stops to allow you to take a breath..

Highly recommended. I’m looking forward  to part 2!


Eric had a successful acting career, playing leading roles in TV and film including, Penmarric and Kings Royal for the BBC. London’s Burning and Hard Cases for ITV. His films include the lead role in Peter Greenaway’s controversial A Zed and Two Noughts.


He started writing screenplays after a family illness and found almostimmediate success. His scripts include the Bafta nominated, Prime Suspect and the multi IFTA nominated Relative Strangers, starring another Oscar winner,Brenda Fricker. His short film Engaged, which he wrote and directed, was short-listed for the Fuji Film and BBC awards. Whilst Orlas Song won the Best Horror UK Award.


Eric has four – yes, four – screenplays in development (hell). Which is probably why he started writing novels. The Coop is his first and will form the basis of a trilogy.


He has two sons, both working successfully in the television and film industry. Eric is divorced and lives in Esher with his partner, in a house once occupied by the Judge that jailed Oscar Wilde – which may or may not be a good omen for his work.

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