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June 17, 2019


It is late 1942. Group Captain Robert Sutherland's first week in charge of Military Intelligence 11's operations in Scotland and northern England is not going smoothly. A murder at the Commando Basic Training Centre in the Highlands is being investigated by one of his teams, until events take an even darker turn that draws Bob in personally. He is also trying to discover who was behind an attempt to steal an advanced reconnaissance aircraft from a military airfield in Fife, an investigation made no easier by the perpetrator's death. The complication he could really live without comes via a telephone call from Monique Dubois in MI5. An operation she's been running in Glasgow, without Bob or anyone else knowing, has gone badly wrong, and she wants him to intervene before it is entirely compromised. The Danger of Life is a fast-paced thriller set in Scotland during the Second World War. It is Ken's second novel to feature Bob Sutherland and Monique Dubois and picks up not long after the end of his first, Eyes Turned Skywards. The action moves back and forth across Scotland, with much of it set in Lochaber, where the present war intersects with another conflict that took place two centuries earlier: with deadly consequences.  


My Review

1942, Group captain Robert ‘Bob’ Sutherland has just taken charge of Military intelligence in Scotland and it’s not really going to plan,

A couple of murders including one of his own team, an attempt at stealing a high tech military aircraft and the discovery of an MI5 operation taking place right under his nose.

The story delves into history , 200 year old missing gold and the author expertly knits the eras and the stories together

Bob is a real old school investigator, firm and fair, he gets results and the respect deserved of him, he’s a great character and works well with his counterpart Monique Dubois from MI5.

A real traditionally told tale the author Ken Lussey, clearly an expert and fan of military aircraft spins and weaves a very clever mystery thriller.

Fast paced from the outset, there is rarely a page where nothing is going on!

A very enjoyable read.





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