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May 27, 2019


What if the people we trust are the one we should fear?

We all recognise them. Those who sit just on the fringes of society. Who send prickles up the back of our necks. The Charmers. The Liars. The manipulators. Those who have the potential to go that one step too far. And then take another step.

Jessamine Gooch makes a living from these people. Each Week she broadcasts a radio show looking into the past lives of convicted killers; asking if there was more that could have been done to prevent their terrible crimes. Then one day she is approached by a woman desperate to find her missing friend, Cassie, fearing her abusive husband may have taken that final deadly step. But as Jessamine delves into the months prior to Cassie's disappearance she fails to realise there is a dark figure closer to home, one that threatens the safety of her own family...

Set over a long, dark winter in London amd perfect for fans of He Said/She Said and Apple Tree Yard, THE DANGEROUS KIND is at once a complec and gripping thriller and a stunning portrayal of the monsters that live among us.



My Review

Thanks to Tracy @CompulsiveReaders and @Zaffre for the invite to the tour for #TheDangerousKind by Deborah O'Connor

Wow! Where to start, when offered the chance to do a blog tour for this one I thought I’ve heard alot about this one and I’ve been meaning to read it so yes please!

What was I waiting for! Im beginning this review as I turn on to page 114. I already know and have no doubt I am reading one of THE books of 2019.

Deborah O'Connor has created something very very special, very dark, very disturbing and very upsetting but mark my words this is special . I have no qualms at all in calling this book outstanding. It simply is one of the best pieces of crime fiction in 2019.

The story is told from the view points of 4 characters.

Jessamine Gooch , 51, single, BBC radio presenter of a show that delves into past murders, is approached by Marnie, asking her to look into the disappearance of her friend Carrie as the police are showing little interest and have classed the case as a cut and dried suicide

Sarah, Jassmine's Teenage daughter is becoming involved with a man online ....

Jitesh Ganguly, a socially awkward gap year student destined for Cambridge, working as a sound engineer in the BBC radio studios, telling the story of his young life, troubled, a part- time hacker , in fear of an old school friend.

And back to 2002, 13 year old Rowena, stuck in the care system, being taken advantage of by older boyfriend Sunny.

This is a dark, moody tale, oozing in melancholy and gloom, domestic abuse, child abuse, paedophile rings, Celebrities and people in power abusing their positions.

The characters are great, menopausal Jessamine and her strugges with quiet angst ridden teen Sarah, whilst you can only feel for the nervy Jitesh. Rowenas harrowing, heartbreaking tale draws you into her and you just want to protect her.

Locations are good and described very well especially the knowledge of BBC Broadcasting House and its inner workings.

Deborah O'Connor expertly writes about a deepy disturbing subject and weaves all the stories into a magnificent, gripping, shocking end packed full of twists.

This, for me is one of the Books of 2019 and deserves to be one of the stand out titles of the year.


About the Author

Deborah O'Connor is a writer and TV Producer responible for the well-loved programmes such as 'Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds' and 'A League of Their Own'. Born and bred in the North-East of England, in 2010 she completed the Faber Academy novel writing course. She lives in London with her husband and daughter. Deborah's first novel was the bestseller My Husband's Son. You can follow her on Twitter @deboc77 #1in100People



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