The Dying Hours by Mark Billingham (DI Tom Thorne 11)

January 18, 2019

Following the events of book 10 Tom Thorne returns , Reduced to uniform, working the streets, with his new slightly unhinged partner DC Treasure, we have , what seems a depressed, angry , bitter Thorne now  living with a new partner , Helen, another police officer and her son, Alfie.

Thorne isn’t happy at all; brooding and moody, out of the limelight of the MIT and shunted aside though not a demotion in rank but no longer a Detective.

Called to a Suicide whilst on the beat, an old couple overdosed on insulin, Thorne’s old Detective light goes off and he’s sure there is more to this suicide.

With that he takes his hunch to the higher ups and is laughed out the building, told to forget who he was and leave the investigations to the real detectives.

Infuriated by this brush off, Thorne turns vigilante on us, determined to get to the bottom of the suicides he realises there is a “cluster” of suicides amongst the older aged in London, not one but 5 or more.

Not caring who he brings down, threatening both his relationship and friendships., Thorne calls on help from his old team who can’t say no to him and his friend Phil Hendricks the Police Pathologist.

It’s a slow builder , but Billingham cracks up the tension expertly, concluding in a nail biting brilliant finale.

As usual Mark Billingham’s writing is immaculate, the black humour is there in abundance to cut the tension, Thorne’s best mate Hendricks is essential to these books, Without who, Thorne just isn’t the man we know.

Billingham is in in the top echelon of British Authors for good reason.

Truly first rate and another excellent episode in the series.

Ending with a cliffhanger keep us hanging on for book 12.

I am going to change my rating up a bit, I want a bit more freedom than just 1 to 5, so for me this a 4.1 out of 5.

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