The Innocent Ones by Neil White (Dan Grant and Jayne Brett 3)

April 23, 2019


A new author for me, Neil white , this is the 3rd book is his Dan Grant and Jayne Brett Legal series.

Legal Thrillers are not something I usually read but looking to broaden my reading , this looked a perfect and interesting one to go with.

The book opens with the violent murder of journalist,  Mark Roberts , a London lad out in the sticks looking to meet someone, to help him with a story he is writing, he is fatally assaulted.

Nick Conner a petty thief is found red handed; or footed in this case as his bloody footprints are found at the scene of the murder.

Criminal defence lawyer Dan Grant takes his case. What looks an open and shut case is soon made more interesting when intriguingly the victim’s mother approaches Dan saying she doesn’t believe they have the right killer and there is more than meets the eye.

Jayne Brett, Dan’s investigator and longtime friend,  is now in Manchester,  working away at a new life,  a job in a supermarket with a leach of a boss and behind on her rent. She is asked back by Dan and soon agrees to pick up her old job. 

As Jayne sets about finding out what Mark was looking into, she becomes embroiled in a small town that doesn’t want to be upset.

The book is told in alternative chapters, describing the present and in 1997, detailing now retired Detective Inspector Andrew Porter’s investigation.

Telling the story of the murder of 2 children. It’s soon apparent that Mark was looking into these murders and planning to write a book on the subject.

Soon this becomes a tale of intrigue and lies and Murder, small village culture and cover ups.

The finale is fast paced and never stops twisting and turning until it’s frantic end.

The book grabs you from the outset , it’s a clever idea, with a different and interesting start and I quickly shot through the first few chapters and thought, yes, I’ve got a good book on my hands here. The legal parts of the book are very well written and explained expertly.

With Characters that are easy to like, there is a nice spark between the main protagonists and it’s interesting to read their relationship as it’s grows. Dan, the lawyer doing his best and Jayne, hints of a person who’s been in bad places. They are very easy to relate to. The backing cast are well written and believable.

The locations are well described, and the scenes are set very well, from the seaside town to the courtroom.

Writing is easy accessible, it’s a pick up and read and enjoy. It’s a genuinely well written legal thriller, and I’ll be first to read more by this Author 

It’s a cracking read.

4.5 ⭐️

You can buy now at Amazon by clicking the link 👉

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