The Killer Queen by T.S. Hunter (Soho Noir 5) #BlogTour

November 21, 2019


It’s 1988. A mild summer after a turbulent political year for LGBT rights. While working as an assistant to a successful Theatre Director, Joe Stone finds himself unwittingly embroiled in another murder investigation.
Lexi Goode, a young, up and coming actress has her bright future cut short when she is found murdered in her exclusive top floor apartment in the posh end of Soho. Knowing that the police are as racist as they are homophobic, Joe and Russell inevitably take it on themselves to investigate what happened to the young woman.
Along the way they discover illicit liaisons, a string of admirers, a secret life that was helping to pay for the glamorous lifestyle no young actress should have been able to afford. But who would want to kill Lexi?
Finding the answer to that question puts Joe in mortal danger and a young police officer in an awkward position.


Thank you to Red Dog for my e - copy of ‘Killer Queen’ by T.S Hunter, the 5th Novella in the Soho Noir series.

it's now 1988, and Joe is working as an assistant at the theatre.

As per the blurb, this short novella focuses on the death of Lexi Goode, a young up and coming actress that Joe has grown fond of whilst in his new job.

After Lexi provides a starring performance in place of the poorly ageing star turn, her body is later found in her expensive apartment in Soho.

This opens up a story of murder, high-end escorts, racism and homophobia and tells the story and inner workings of the theatre world.

T.S Hunter writes his stories with authenticity as he highlights the problems the LGBT community faced up to at the time. Homophobic police inspector Skinner again returns to cast his unpleasant corrupt ways on the story at hand.

The author again displays his talent at making a relatively short story feel like something much bigger, and this is another classic , mystery whodunnit that plays out brilliantly. Whilst I guessed the killer early on, the way TS Hunter brings about the who, how and why is crafted with the skill of a writer at the top of his game and enjoying his craft. Bravo!

With one final Novella planned and due in December, I very much look forward to reading that in hope that there might yet be more of the short crime capers with Joe and Russell.




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