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August 7, 2019

A gripping historical thriller that shines a light on the

darkness of human evolution.

E.M. Davey’s latest novel is a heart-racing adventure into the dark
heart of human origins. When a young archaeologist goes missing in
the Congo basin, Professor Randolph Harkness and troubled tearaway
Ross McCartney go in search of her only to stumble upon a conspiracy
to conceal ancient horrors lost to the passage of time. Evading spies
and trained killers, can they expose this cover-up in time or will they be
buried with it? An unputdownable thriller The Killing Gene reveals the
story of our species, the paradox of the modern mind and our innate

predilection for murder...





Firstly, Thanks to the guys at Duckworth Books for my copy of the new thriller by E.M. Davey, The Killing Gene.

I coincidentally came across Ed Davey about the same time the publisher asked me if I would like to take part in the tour, through those conversations with Ed on Twitter, I discovered , like me he is from Bristol, so I was more than pleasantly surprised to find from the outset this book is based in Bristol, and features the intrepid Professor Randolph Harkness, from Bristol Uni.

When a colleague goes missing in the Congo Basin, Randolph and his troubled young friend, Ross McCartney set off on an adventure spanning, Africa, and Central Asia, in hunt for the missing colleague.

Discovering quite stunning events, and atrocities, the two extremely likeable protagonists set about their task, whilst being held back, and hunted at every border, crossing and turn.

Evolution, Bullets flying, Espionage, Corruption, assassinations, politics, and more are explored in this absolutely rip-roaring adventure tale.

A book so completely out of my norm, totally away from my comfort zone. It pulled me along in its frantic pace and I read pretty much all 300 + pages in a day, even the Authors notes, something I don’t always do, but so intrigued by this story I wanted to know more.

There were times, it does become a touch heavy, mainly with the Old Testament referrals, but this book literally blew my mind at times.

Without going into the plot, it’s an amazingly, stunningly researched piece of fiction that encapsulates the real world, it’s explained to me now how things in the media, and where big data manipulation probably has it roots and how our very psyche ticks.

The locations, are exotic, fantastical, and all genuine, as the author describes, he went through the journey his characters take, and on the subject of the characters, the 2 main guys are warm and friendly, their banter is very funny at times which adds another quality to this cracking thriller, ands it’s great reading their arcs as the story builds to a quite brilliant end.

With some dodgy politicians, dastardly criminals, and corrupt officials, this book, whilst dealing with some serious , quite amazing subject matter, is a superb piece of action adventure, and E.M. Davey, for me, strikes the right balance of both getting his immense story across whilst giving his reader a rollicking ride through places most of us can only dream of, and that for me is why I whole heartedly recommend this book.

For any adventure fans, any fans of action, thrillers and suspense, have a read of this brilliant tale and be taken on a quite extraordinary escapade.

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥




E.M. DAVEY is a journalist at Global Witness specialising in undercover investigative
journalism into international corruption and environmental crime, which gives him
the opportunity to travel to far-flung and unusual places. His novels incorporate
real-world experiences and meticulous research, blurring the lines between reality
and fiction. He has taught creative writing with the Wilbur & Niso Smith foundation
and is the author of three novels: Foretold by Thunder (Duckworth 2015), The
Napoleon Complex (Duckworth 2016) and The Killing Gene (Duckworth 2019). He
grew up in Bristol and now lives in Kent.

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