The Lost Pharaoh by Murray Bailey

December 8, 2019

The year is BCE 1318 and Yanhamu, Lord Khety, is invited to sit as a judge on a High Court case. However, he is out of his depth and when the case concludes he knows that justice has not been done.

A meeting with the emissary of the High Priest of Amun leads to Yanhamu's arrest for treason. Accused of conspiracy and thrown into prison he must prove his innocence. The Two Lands are on the brink of civil war. Yanhamu may hold the key, but he must battle his own demons before he can save his country.

This crime-mystery occurs between the historic flashbacks in Map of the Dead and Secrets of the Dead. It is Yanhamu's story.




Thanks as ever to Murray Bailey for my copy of his new thriller, The Lost Pharaoh.

Set in 1318 BCE Egypt, this is the tale of Yanhumu, Lord Khety, a local magistrate who sits at a high court trial after being invited by some higher-ups, wanting to gain wealth and standing, Yanhamu takes his place at the court.

When the case ends, Yanhumu is far from pleased with the resulting outcome, and soon finds himself arrested and imprisoned for treason.

With another story about Yanhumu earlier years and in particular his sister also being played out, Murray Bailey expertly weaves the two strings of his story, as Yanhamu battles not only his current predicament but past demons.

I find with all the books I have read by Murray Bailey, that he has a skill, which an author needs , in keeping your interest, there are rarely lulls in his stories and this is another example of his great story telling skills.

The characters are written well, in particular I found myself draw to the slave, Paneb, it feels like he could have his own story to tell aswell.

A rich story, full of culture and the research and descriptive of his settings and era are second to none, whisked to Egypt of eons ago, this is well paced, cleverly plotted crime mystery.

Highly Recommended

4 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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