The Stone Circle by Elly Griffiths (Ruth Galloway 11)

February 6, 2019

This is the first of the Ruth Galloway series I have read, and I have to say it was really good read and nice to discover a new author with a series I can read through.

Set on the Norfolk coast , the bones of a young girl are found In a stone circle currently being dug up by archaeologists, the main one in charge being a Norwegian, Leif Anderssen , who happens to be the son of an Erik Anderssen , who it’s turns out was in an earlier book in the series.

DCI Harry Nelson and his team, DS Judy Johnson and DS David Clough , Cloughie, investigate , the Body turns out to be a missing body from 1981 - so the cold case is opened.

In the meantime, DCI Nelson, receives a cryptic letter which appear to have clues relating to the disappearance of the girl 12 years previous.....

With all this going on the DCI has a heavily pregnant wife, whilst also dealing with a fractious relationship with the main character Dr Ruth Galloway, Forensic Archaeologist helping the team with the old bones.

With Hints of Pagan rituals and Norse Mythology, old stone circles, abductions and murders, the story moves at a good pace building to a good climax and end to the tale.

What seems a very character focused and driven book rather than just story is a nice change and it feels like I like all the characters on the basis of one book and I want to read more of their past investigations, I liked “Cloughie” a lot.

It’s a good traditional page turning mystery , I would and will read more by this author and recommend to anyone reading this review


My copy was provided free by net galley, this in no way influenced my review


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