This is What Happened by Mick Herron

February 3, 2019

From the outset, i was very excited to be reading this stand-alone spy/psychological thriller, from Mick Herron, the author of the excellent Jackson Lamb series.

This book is very very different and it surprised me, so if your a Jackson Lamb fan, leave him behind before you start this one.

it's a short book at just 241 pages and almost feels more like a Novella than a full blown Story and ill be honest it doesn't really get going until about 100 pages in, its definetly a slow builder, but with that the tension builds and you feel a sense of discomfort and start to be slightly unnerved by it all.

So This is What Happened, what is it all about?

A young, lonely, suggestible woman, meets Harvey, an agent from MI-5 in a coffee shop, and he persuades her to run an op for him, at her place of work, a big skyscraper in London. He wants her to plant something in the buildings computer system.... the mission goes awfully wrong..

from here on in you have that sense of foreboding, and its an anxiousness that stays with you, you want to scream at the main character as the story moves along, is she stupid, or is she just so lonely she accepts all thats going on.Something isnt ringing true...enter Dickon Broom - yes thats his name.

With some hints of Stockholm Syndrome, kidnap , stalking and a crazed main character to boot , this is a very clever , wonderfully written, Taut psychological Thriller, that will make you seriously think about how you use social media in future.

I have seen some bad reviews but they seem to have missed the point, Mick Herron isnt writing another Jackson Lamb, there are no fart jokes, or alcoholic smoking abusive boss, this is a serious book , and an author displaying his craft, it is a very good book.

The ending , is almost predictable and feels sligthlty rushed, so with that this is a 4 star review

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