Three by Emma-Nicole Lewis

August 27, 2019



Thank you to Emma-Nicole Lewis for my gifted copy of her new chilling Novel ‘ Three’ in exchange for an impartial honest review.

30 years ago,  on New Year’s Eve, Annabelle Montague was murdered in her home, Hillcrest House, by her husband, Sir Edward, Who was then convicted and sentenced to prison in a maximum security unit for the criminally insane.

Now in the present day, returned to the scene of the crime by his Doctor, for experimental treatment, Sir Edward’s care whilst staying back at Hillcrest is overseen by Suzi and Jake, two clinical professionals.

The story is told by the three temporary inhabitants of Hillcrest house, a tale of murder, love, ghosts, black magic, and more..

The characters are well-defined, particularly the insane, Sir Edward.

Though this is my first book by this author it’s very easy to see that she has a deft touch in writing the macabre.

A dark, suspenseful, gothic and atmospheric story, the writing is excellent, the frights are described well, whilst the bringing together of the 3 voices telling their story is accomplished with aplomb, as the story ends with an extremely enjoyable yet evil end.

Supernatural twists and scares executed brilliantly , ‘Three’ is an intriguing, haunting, brooding, chilling tale, a classic piece of storytelling.

4 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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