Twelve: A Date With Obsession by Alan Reynolds

February 18, 2019

This is a Tense physiological thriller, about obsession and the dangers we all can now face with the internet and social media and in particular online dating.

Sarah Gooding, single, good job, but clearly very lonely, lives on her own with her cat ,Moses, she is looking for mr right online,she’s rejected 11 suggestions so far, then she comes across no 12,charming Jez.

He’s seems perfect and they arrange to meet and a relationship begins but little snippets of temper, attitude and arrogance begins to surface.

It quickly becomes apparent Jez is not all
That he seems, he lives with this very controlling mother, and the have a taut relationship.

Jez real character begins to shows and he really is deeply disturbing.

As the book progresses Sarah starts
To become more irritated and is with Jez more for pity than attraction.

After receiving a promotion at work Sarah spends less and less time with Jez and and starts a relationship with a colleague: Adam

Jez meanwhile, is hit with a tragedy just as Sarah decides to cut ties and this sends him
Over the edge leading into an interesting and unexpected end to the book involving dodgy bankers and South American Gangsters while Jez plots how to win back Sarah’s affections.

The writing by Alan Reynolds is easy to read and has a nice flow and he has paced the novel just right to keep you reading , The book has a traditional feel, easily accessible by any reader, there is no pretension in his words.

I enjoyed this thought provoking page turner, and I will be a little more careful with my social
Media accounts In future!

4 star Review

Thank you to Alan Reynolds for the signed copy of the book in return for an honest, impartial review

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