Twisted by Steve Cavanagh

March 20, 2019

This is my first book by Steve Cavanagh and I have been looking forward to it as I’ve heard a lot of good things about his Eddie Flynn series, in particular Thirteen which is in my TBR pile. I would have read thirteen first if this had not come available on netgalley.

So I started with this soon to be released standalone thriller.

Maria Cooper is married to Paul , who move to a quiet coastal town to begin a new life and family, but Paul , his job taking him away all the time, leaves Maria bored and lonely, in the end she begins an affair with Daryl, a young waiter/ surfer from the town.

Maria or should I say Daryl, discovers by accident , that her husband Paul has a secret bank account with 22 million dollars deposited from a J.T Lebeau, Paul ensures they live frugally, he is always watching the pennies, How and where has this money come from and who and what is J.T Lebeau?

Maria fakes a burglary to try and attempt to get Paul to come clean but Paul has lots of secrets and this brings them to the fore and sparks a catastrophic chain of events in to life as Paul tries to cover his secret world.

Sheriff Dole , troubled by the past and the socially awkward Detective Melissa Bloch investigate the burglary and the Coopers themselves, determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on, Leaving no stone unturned. A couple of more interesting police characters , not run of the mill , I liked them both.

Betrayal, manipulation ,murders, a game of cat and mouse , cold cases and long hidden lies, deviously brilliant characters and big twists and shocks, this book is everything it’s title suggests.

It’s an action packed finale with the twists and turns coming at pace and at every corner, and to the very last page.

A highly enjoyable, cleverly written book, the writing is fluent , easy reading and accessible to anyone to just pick this up, its a very good , fast paced thriller, with not overly long chapters which I always like, the writer captures you and draws you into an interesting and intriguing story, and it’s a bit different to the standard crime caper.

It feels like an author at the top of his game and one who may have enjoyed writing this book,I dare you not to enjoy it to.

Highly recommended

4.5 ⭐️

Thank you to netgalley for my review copy.

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