Unheard Of by John David Bethel

March 13, 2020

A serial killer is haunting the Las Vegas Strip. The brutality is alarming. The number of victims is growing. “Blood leads” and it is being splashed across the headlines and clogging air time. But more important to the men who rule the empire of hotels and casinos is containing the story. Keeping their hotels filled and casinos humming. They call a summit and meet with the police and the city’s premier public relations team. That is when Rachel West and Sheriff Joe Fontana are handed the job of putting a lid on the horror. Unheard of is based on the histories of the most conniving and deadly serial killers and takes the reader deep into the details of the crimes and the psychology of these twisted individuals. The novel also looks at the often hidden storylines that play out within communities plagued by devastating circumstances. The character and strength of the men and women in these communities is challenged and, in the process, revealed for what it is … or isn’t.



Thank you to John David Bethel for a review copy of his latest book, ‘Unheard Of’.

This is a story based in Las Vegas, that covers a range of subjects, principally it’s about a serial killer loose on the Las Vegas strip, but it’s also rooted in the dark side of politics and the casino business.

This is a well paced thriller that will hold your interest.

Full of shifty politicians and businessmen, you will find yourself immersed into Las Vegas and it’s inner workings and the characters behind the Money.

It’s very detailed and rich with knowledge of profiling murderers and previous serial killers.

Well written, accessible to any reader, this is a very good and entertaining read.

Highly recommended to any reader who enjoys a serial killer thriller, and for true crime fans aswell, I believe this would also hit the mark


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