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May 25, 2019

WHITE PEAK By Ronan Frost

A mind-bending thriller in the tradition of Matthew Reilly and James Rollins, Ronan Frost's WHITE PEAK (St. Martin’s Press; on-sale May 21, 2019) is a fast-paced read full of death-defying adventure.

After experiencing first-hand the tragically familiar scene of an active shooter at a mall, Ryerson McKenna is torn apart by a tragic loss that he couldn’t prevent. But when offered the chance at revenge against one of the men responsible, Rye cannot refuse, even if it puts him in debt to a mysterious benefactor, Greg Rask.

A dying tech billionaire, Rask has invested millions chasing miracle cures. None of them are worth a damn, but he refuses to give up. Now, he’s gathering a team, including Rye, willing to go to the ends of the earth chasing life.

Each of Rask's crew has beaten incredible odds to rise from the ashes of their old lives to where they are now. Together, their next task is to retrieve a painting that is believed to hide a map which, if genuine, marks it as a treasure of the Ahnenerbe, the occult wing of the SS, who had devoted dozens of expeditions in search of the three cintamani stones for their combined properties, and the lost city where they were rumored to lay hidden: Shambhala. But a mystical brotherhood sworn to protect the secrets of the ancients—the same secrets that allow its members to defy death—will stop at nothing to ensure that Rask’s crew fail.

In an adrenalin-pumping quest through some of the most savage terrains known to man, the crew will be pushed to the limits of endurance and beyond.



My Review

Firstly thanks to Sarah Bonamino at St Martin's Press for the invite to the blog tour for this new action packed adventure from Ronan Frost.

Centered around Rye McKenna , this book is a blistering thrill ride .

Rye is a renowned climber, recently suffering a tragedy when his wife is gunned down in a shopping mall by terrorists, he is approached by a sick billionaire, Greg Rask, offering him a chance at redemption, a second chance at life.

Rye eventually agrees and joins a crack team of others who are also getting that second chance . The billionaire has a task, he wants them to find the cure to his illness in the mythical lost city of shambala.

What follows is a riveting roller coaster journey through Europe and the mountains of Tibet and Bhutan.

Shades of Indiana Jones and tomb raider mixed in with science fiction , nazis and extra terrestrials, this really is a wild ride.

The action is nonstop and is ratcheted right up to the cliff hanging end.

Characters are likeable if slightly unbelievable but this is pure escapism.

The locations are described in great details , the mountains and temple and tombs are brilliantly told.

This is simply a fun, chaotic , riveting read and would recommend to anyone with a sense of adventure. I look forward to the sequel

Just switch your brain off, sit back and enjoy!



About The Author:

Ronan Frost worked for the British Ministry of Defence where he was a liaison with intelligence operatives working behind the Iron Curtain during the last year of the Cold War. During the first Gulf War, he worked with the Royal Navy. And then, he developed a plan with economic experts for the rationalization and centralization of the British Royal Navy which was presented to the House of Commons. Now retired from that life, he lives in Europe with his wife and dog. White Peak is Ronan Frost's first novel.


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