The Guesthouse by Abbie Frost #BlogTour
Books / January 23, 2020

Thanks to Harper Collins for my copy of the new thriller from Abbie Frost, ‘The Guest House’. Hannah is struggling to get over the death of her boyfriend, drinking heavily and unable to work, she decides to take up a trip previously booked by her boyfriend before his passing. Booked using a new App, she will be the among the first visitors to a newly refurbished guest house in rural Ireland… On arrival, dumped by the taxi miles from the property and the only access through miles of farmland, Hannah starts to think she’s made a mistake. Once she reaches the Guest House, other holidaymakers begin to arrive, filling the guest house with a range of residents.. What could possibly go wrong? As secrets unravel, and the residents become more fractious, bodies begin to turn up.. Whilst it’s not really anything new, it’s very well crafted by Abbie Frost as she adds her own dark and disturbing twists and frights to this hugely enjoyable thriller. Claustrophobic and full of tense and atmospheric thrills. One to keep you guessing and engaged, it was a thoroughly good thriller I would happily recommend. 4 🔥🔥🔥🔥