Bobby March Will Live Forever by Alan Parks (Harry McCoy 3) #BlogTour
Books / March 2, 2020

WHO IS TO BLAME WHEN NO ONE IS INNOCENT? The papers want blood. The force wants results. The law must be served, whatever the cost. July 1973. The Glasgow drugs trade is booming and Bobby March, the city’s own rock-star hero, has just overdosed in a central hotel. Alice Kelly is thirteen years old, lonely and missing. Meanwhile the niece of McCoy’s boss has fallen in with a bad crowd and when she goes AWOL, McCoy is asked – off the books – to find her. McCoy has a hunch. But does he have enough time? Review Thanks to Random Things Tours and Canongate for my ARC of the 3rd book in the ‘Harry McCoy’ Series by Alan Parks Entitled ‘Bobby March Will Live Forever’. Set in a scorching hot summer, Its July 1973 and the mischievous cop Harry McCoy has all kinds on his plate. The Body of a local hero, Bobby March – Rock Star Musician is found , overdosed in a hotel, a 13-year-old girl has gone missing, The niece of McCoys boss has also gone walkabout. Add to that drugs pouring into the city, Bank Robberies and McCoys long-term friend and gangster Stevie Cooper causing no…

Bloody January by Alan Parks (Detective Harry McCoy 1)
Books / January 22, 2019

Read Decemeber 2018 This Debut Novel By Alan Parks Bloody – Brutal , Brilliant, one of my books of 2018. 1970s Glasgow, Detective Harry McCoy, a troubled soul is assigned a new partner , very much wet behind the ears, much to his dislike, together they investigate a rare and Random shooting of a teenage girl in broad daylight in the middle of a busy Glasgow street by another teen who then turns the gun on himself.. but why? What follow is Brutal; it’s bloody; it’s an absorbing, dark, powerful tale of the times it was written about,  but it’s also streaked with humour and the writing is absolutely fantastic ; you would never believe this was a debut I can not wait for the next book called February’s Son, Published on the 31st January 2019 5 stars