Shamus Dust by Janet Roger
Books / October 28, 2019

Hard Winter. Cold War. Cool Murder. Two candles flaring at a Christmas crib. A nurse who steps inside a church to light them. A gunshot emptied in a man’s head in the creaking stillness before dawn, that the nurse says she didn’t hear. It’s 1947 in the snowbound, war-scarred City of London, where Pandora’s Box just got opened in the ruins, City Police has a vice killing on its hands, and a spooked councilor hires a shamus to help spare his blushes. Like the Buddha says, everything is connected. So it all can be explained. But that’s a little cryptic when you happen to be the shamus, and you’re standing over a corpse. MY REVIEW Thank you to the guys at Troubador Publishing for my gifted copy of this great new Crime Noir ‘ Shamus Dust’ by Janet Roger   London, the aftermath of world war 2 , a body is found, shot twice. A local councillor who owns the building where the body is found calls in an American private investigator, or Shamus, called ‘Newman’ our protagonist, we never learn his full name. The story itself is full of greed, corruption and lies. It’s a serious tale, a real Murder Mystery….