Zero Days by Ian Williams
Books / January 13, 2020

Thanks to Red Door Press for my copy of Zero Days by Ian Williams, in exchange for my impartial review.   As described on the cover, this is very much a cyber thriller, it’s very techie, though never weighing the reader down as it’s all explained very well for even the biggest technophobe. Hacking, Cyber terrorism, computer viruses and more, this is an action adventure spliced with tech and its spread across the globe from Berlin to Myanmar. Burma or Myanmar is very prevalent as is much of Asia and it’s excellently described. Chuck Drayton is a decent protagonist, and there are plenty of bad guys to keep him busy. Thrills and spills, and twists a plenty. It’s very much a switch off and enjoy type of book with an action movie type vibe. A clever, entertaining and eye-opening read into the world of the internet and it’s darkest corners. A cracking ‘Cyber’ Thriller and I happily recommend. 4 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Going Dark by Neil Lancaster (Tom Novak 1)
Books / January 13, 2020

Following an invite to the blog tour for the upcoming Going Rogue by Neil Lancaster, I thought I would read the first in the series staring Tom Novak Tom came from Bosnia as a 12 year old orphan, taken in by foster parents, now a police officer, Novak is a cold calculating character with a strong sense of justice. When an undercover job goes badly wrong he finds himself having to go ‘dark’ to escape the Serbian mafia and corrupt police. A blistering adrenaline rush of action adventure follows, which takes us from the streets of London to the Scottish highlands. Packed full of pounding exploits, bad guys and violence, guns and more, this is a Crackerjack. A real powder keg thriller. Tom is incomparable to others in this genre, any similarities to Jack Reacher and the like are far and wide. He is his own indomitable character, cold as ice, he’s a bit of a machine but you can feel and see his humanity. He’s one cool guy. With a quality backing cast of characters, great settings and descriptions of the weapons and the fights this one kept me glued and enthralled until the end and I can’t wait to…

Seven Degrees by Lewis Hastings (Seventh Wave 2)
Books / January 2, 2020

An Eastern European crime syndicate has appeared on the radar of the British authorities. Known as the Seventh Wave they have arrived in the heart of the most important financial centre in the world. Systematically they target the banks and financial institutions before fleeing the city for the safety of mainland Europe. Their leader, a man who calls himself the Jackdaw has sent a clear message. Interfere with our operation at your peril. The group carry out one last task – striking at the heart of London’s jewellery centre. What they leave with is worth more than any jewel and capable of impacting on the future of Europe. John “Jack” Cade is recruited as the Metropolitan Police’s answer. Newly promoted, out of his depth but quick-witted, skilled and surrounded by a dedicated team who fall under the banner of Operation Breaker, he faces two choices, both of which he knows will lead to serious harm. Protect the city or protect his team. He cannot do both. ›Review‹ Thank you to Lewis Hastings for my copy of the 2nd In his thrilling seventh wave trilogy ‘Seven Degrees’ Picking up from book 1, it’s 2004 and John ‘Jack’ Cade is now working…

Highest Lives by Gordon Brown (Craig McIntyre 4) #BlogTour
Books / November 16, 2019

In cities across North America people are dying in seemingly impossible ways. Is history s most outrageous serial killer on the loose? When LAPD Detective Sarah Tracy is secretly instructed to recruit Craig McIntyre to help her investigate the deaths, she is unaware that his mere presence can transform people s darkest thoughts into action. As Sarah and Craig hunt the murky underbelly of LA for the malevolent figure responsible for the bizarre deaths, they stumble upon the most expensive narcotic ever to hit the streets – a substance that promises something so unbelievable that users are willing to risk death to experience it. With government black ops agency head Senator Tampoline always lurking in the shadows, Craig is used to being hunted. Now he is the hunter. And thousands could die if he fails to track down the killer. REVIEW   Thanks to Random Things Tours and Gordon Brown for my copy of the 4th in the Craig McIntyre series, ‘Highest Lives’. Having very recently read no 1 in the series I was looking forward to picking this one up and getting started even though I have yet to read 2 and 3 ( I will be though). Firstly…

Darkest Thoughts by Gordon Brown (Craig McIntyre 1)
Books / November 11, 2019

Craig McIntyre’s mere presence can turn people’s darkest thoughts into action. On an Iraqi street, Craig McIntyre finds himself at the center of an event that leaves several people dead. Ex-military, now a bodyguard, he has no idea how they died. Others think he is repsonsible – the catalyst. They have no issue with that. Indeed, they are intent on harnessing Craig’s dark talent for creating chaos where once there was order…and will let no-one stand in their way. Who are McIntyre’s pursuers? What do they see in him that he cannot see in himself? And what will happen to him if he is caught? Worse, what will happen to those closest to him if he escapes? As he struggles to come to terms with events, and with the possibility that he really is a vehicle for anarchy, can he stop his darkest thoughts turning to revenge   ›REVIEW‹ After recently being invited onto a blog tour for the 4th book in the Craig McIntyre series by Gordon Brown, I thought this would be a good time to start the series! So I went ahead and picked myself up a copy of ‘ Darkest Thoughts’…. and im pleased to say…