Justice Gone by N. Lombardi #BlogTour
Books / October 21, 2019

WINNER OF THREE AWARDS 2019 AMERICAN FICTION AWARD NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCY AWARD – Best Legal Thriller OF 2019 SILVER MEDAL WINNER 2019 READERS’ FAVORITES AWARDS Chosen by Wiki.ezvid.com among their list of 10 Gripping and Intelligent Legal Thrillers The courtroom scenes are wonderfully written…the characters are well described and the author paints a picture of each in the mind of the reader…Strong plot, strong characters and a strong writing style that I really enjoyed. This one is a definite “thumbs-up.” Strongly recommend! I look forward to reading additional works by N. Lombardi, Jr. Kim M Aalaie, Author’s Den One of my favorite suspense novels of the year. It will make you question the legal system. The Eclectic Review The courtroom action is excellent, trimmed to the most gripping parts of the trial, with plenty of emotional impact…a fairly realistic portrayal of the way small-town US society works…a fast-moving story with plenty of dramatic moments, and a big twist in the final pages. Crime Review The Blurb… “When a homeless war veteran is beaten to death by the police, stormy protests ensue, engulfing a small New Jersey town. Soon after, three cops are gunned down. A multi-state manhunt is underway for…

Take it Back by Kia Abdullah #TakeItBack #BlogTour
Books / August 16, 2019

  The Victim: A sixteen-year-old girl with facial deformities, neglected by an alcoholic mother. Who accuses four boys of something unthinkable. The Defendants: Four handsome teenage boys from hardworking immigrant families. All with corroborating stories. Someone is lying. Former barrister Zara Kaleel, one of London’s brightest young legal minds, takes up Jodie Wolfe’s case; she believes her, even if those closest to Jodie do not. Jodie and Zara become the centre of the most explosive criminal trial of the year, in which ugly divisions within British society are exposed. As everything around Zara begins to unravel she becomes even more determined to get Jodie the justice she’s looking for. But at what price? My Review Thanks to Lucy Richardson at HQ for the invite to be part of the blog tour and for my copy of the stunning new legal thriller, Take it Back by Kia Abdullah. I have been hearing and seeing bits and pieces about the book on Social Media for a while now, so I was very pleased to get an invite to the tour and jumped at the chance at a review copy. What struck me first is the premise of the book, Jodie a disfigured…

Fixed Odds by William McIntrye #BlogTour
Books / July 12, 2019

George ‘Genghis’ McCann has stolen – and lost – a priceless masterpiece. Snooker champion Oscar ‘The Showman’ Bowman is charged with betting fraud. With a second baby on the way, and promises of great rewards if he wins Bowman’s case and recovers the painting, defence lawyer Robbie Munro has never been so tempted to fix the odds in his favour.   MY REVIEW Thanks to Ceris at Sandstone press for my ARC of the new Robbie Munro legal thriller, Fixed Odds by William McIntyre. This is the 5th in the series, but the 1st I’ve read, it won’t be the last! William McIntyre has created a brilliant character in Robbie Munro, he’s a lawyer with a sense of mischief, he wants to do the right thing but he definitely lives on the edge! Fixed Odds, is a humour filled legal crime caper, McIntyre has a deft touch, his writing and humour is both very funny, and at times quite charming. Whilst being very funny this in no way detracts from an excellent legal thriller, the courtroom scenes are brilliant, and though Robbie can come across as maybe a bit slapdash in his private life, in the courtroom he really shines….

Once a Liar by A.F Brady #BlogTour
Books / June 15, 2019

WHO KILLED CHARLIE DOYLE? Lawyer Peter Caine worked ruthlessly to reach the top and has an unbeaten track record in defending those accused of the most deplorable crimes. but when Charlie Doyle, Peter’s former lover, is found dead, Peter finds himself in the spotlight – not as the defender, but as the prime suspect. With everything on the line, Peter races to prove his innocence – and, as the evidence mounts against him, he’s forced to confront his own web of lies. But the truth of who killed Charlie Doyle is more twisted than anyone could have imagined…   ’Taut and Intelligent’ PRIMA   ‘Utterly Addictive’ Lisa Hall My Review Peter Caine is a highly successful lawyer but he is a cheating husband and an uninterested father Told in a ‘then’ and ‘now’ narrative, in the ‘then’ Peter is a fresh faced new lawyer, a nice guy looking to make it in the world and do the right thing. In the ‘now’ he’s a ruthless lawyer with no care for anyone not even his son, recently moved in with Peter after his mother and Peter’s ex wife’s death. A.F Brady has created a wholely unlikeable protagonist in Peter and when…

The Innocent Ones by Neil White (Dan Grant and Jayne Brett 3)
Books / April 23, 2019

  A new author for me, Neil white , this is the 3rd book is his Dan Grant and Jayne Brett Legal series. Legal Thrillers are not something I usually read but looking to broaden my reading , this looked a perfect and interesting one to go with. The book opens with the violent murder of journalist,  Mark Roberts , a London lad out in the sticks looking to meet someone, to help him with a story he is writing, he is fatally assaulted. Nick Conner a petty thief is found red handed; or footed in this case as his bloody footprints are found at the scene of the murder. Criminal defence lawyer Dan Grant takes his case. What looks an open and shut case is soon made more interesting when intriguingly the victim’s mother approaches Dan saying she doesn’t believe they have the right killer and there is more than meets the eye. Jayne Brett, Dan’s investigator and longtime friend,  is now in Manchester,  working away at a new life,  a job in a supermarket with a leach of a boss and behind on her rent. She is asked back by Dan and soon agrees to pick up her old…