The Fifth Grave by Rob Jones #BlogTour
Books / August 6, 2019

A stunning new crime thriller from #1 bestselling author Rob Jones. Poised to return to work after a long bereavement leave, Detective Chief Inspector Jacob is called away from the sanctuary of his home to attend the grim discovery of human remains over a quarter of a century old. Found deep in woodland with its own grim history, they give little up, but he is soon confronted with local gossip of hauntings and witches. The mystery deepens when a second person is murdered in the same woods, and Jacob soon realises he is hunting a killer who will stop at nothing to keep the darkest of secrets buried in the past. Working alongside Dr Sophie Anderson, a criminal psychologist with her own damaged past, they close the net until tragedy strikes again in this gripping romantic suspense thriller. Set in the wild and beautiful Wiltshire Downs, The Fifth Grave is a fast-paced whodunit with a dash of humour and romance and a killer twist. My Review Thanks to Sarah at Book on the Brightside Tours for my copy and invite to read the first in a new police procedural series, The Fifth Grave by Rob Jones, featuring DCI Tom Jacob….

Singapore Ghost by Murray Bailey (Ash Carter 4)
Books / July 29, 2019

  Ash Carter is in Penang on a job that seems beneath him: babysit a newspaper reporter. She’s investigating ghost stories at the barracks but it’s Carter’s past that is back to haunt him. Returning to Singapore he finds himself caught up with a Chinese Secret Society. It’s not Andrew Yipp’s and Carter finds himself beholden to the leader, Chen Guan Xi. Chen wants to remove his big rival without a turf war and he wants Carter to do it for him. However Yipp and Carter have so far had a good relationship. But when investigations on behalf of the gorgeous Su Ling uncover Yipp’s wicked actions, Carter’s attitude changes. Stuck between the two criminal organisations, Ash Carter must find a solution and put the ghosts to rest. My Review Thanks go to Murray Bailey, for both my ARC and a signed copy of Singapore Ghost to giveaway! Please check me out @red_bristol where I’m running the giveaway until July 31st.   This is the 4th in the “Singapore” series starring ex military policeman and, sometime prize-fighter, Ash Carter. Called to an army barracks, Ash is assisting and at times babysitting a reporter who is looking into an apparent curse…

Heartman by M.P.Wright (J.T. Ellington 1) #BristolBooks
Books / July 26, 2019

Heartman is the first in a series of reviews I’m going to do featuring Bristol based characters or authors, related to my beautiful home City… Could I have picked anything better to start this series of reviews? The resounding answer is NO! Heartman is the first book in a 4 book series, the very recently released, The Sinner’s Prayer, the last. This first story is based in 1960’s Bristol, starring a crafty old fox of a detective in Bajan , J.T.Ellington, not long arrived from the island of Barbados, he’s left his home island following a tragedy with his wife and daughter, he’s now looking to start a new life. M.P. Wright spins a mesmerizing tale, employed by a pillar of the local black community, J.T sets about looking for a missing mute girl. An absolutely intriguing, fascinating and brilliant story ensues as M.P.Wright and J.T. Ellington take us into the dark side of Bristol, the pubs ,the clubs, the shebeens, the whore houses and more. J.T is a stubborn , wily, crafty, clever , intelligent beast, assisted by his not so law-abiding but equally persistent cousin Vic, he takes no prisoners in his quest to both solve the crime…

The Holiday by T.M. Logan #BlogTour
Books / July 22, 2019

  For fans of Harlan Coben and Shari Lapena, and from the bestselling author of LIES take a holiday you won’t forget . . . Seven days. Three families. One killer. It was supposed to be the perfect holiday, dreamed up by Kate as the ideal way to turn 40: four best friends and their husbands and children in a luxurious villa under the blazing sunshine of Provence. But there is trouble in paradise. Kate suspects that her husband is having an affair, and that the other woman is one of her best friends. One of these women is willing to sacrifice years of friendship and destroy her family. But which one? As Kate closes in on the truth in the stifling Mediterranean heat, she realises too late that the stakes are far higher than she ever imagined.   Because someone in the villa is prepared to kill to keep their secret hidden.   My Review Thanks to Tracy at Compulsive readers and Zaffre Books for the invite to the blog tour and copy of T.M Logan’s new Thriller  The Holiday 4 old friends, along with their husbands and families decide to take a break in rural France to celebrate…

The Butcher by Nathan Burrows #BlogTour
Books / July 11, 2019

She thought it was pork. She was wrong. The first time hapless food inspector Emily Underwood meets butcher Frank Pinch, he’s not got much at all in his display counters. But what he does have is a rather unusual plan to restock his shelves. The next time they bump into each other, he’s won an award for his sausages but is running out of meat. Can Frank keep up production of his unusually tasty sausages? Will Emily discover the source of Frank’s award-winning meat? And what will happen the next time she tries to inspect his butcher’s shop? Book 1 in the Rub-a-Dub-Dub trilogy, this deliciously British dark comedy will change the way you look at sausages forever. MY REVIEW Thanks to Emma at Damp Pebbles Blog Tours and Nathan Burrows for my copy of the first in the Rub-a-Dub-Dub series, The Butcher. Set in a post Brexit United kingdom, Frank Pinch is a butcher, with very little to actually butcher… his brother Tom, is the local pig farmer, with very few pigs, to ..well, farm…Emily Underwood is the local Food Standards Agency inspector, and then there is Andy Robertson, an intern at the struggling local supermarket chain, Ketts…and then…