Lies People Tell by Liam Hanson ( A Murder Squad Thriller)
Books / October 14, 2019

Thanks to Liam Hanson for my copy of his debut ‘A Murder Squad’ Thriller, Lies People Tell Set in Cardiff and it’s surrounding area, this is the first in a series that introduces the team led by DCI Brân Reece, an impatient moody sort who is suffering from PTSD. When a body is found in gruesome circumstances, Reece is kicked off the case to deal with his issues but can he keep himself to himself and let his team deal with the case? ..especially DS  Elan Jenkins, who herself has some problems at home to deal with. A story of gruesome killings, corruption, local gangsters, inept criminals and domestic abuse. An intriguing team of officers, and a writer with a great skill in setting the scene, this is impressive stuff and an author to watch out for! Fast paced, tightly plotted with the twist and turns to keep you reading quickly, Liam Hanson has written a debut thriller that I thought this was absolutely brilliant, certainly one of the best debuts I’ve read, and one of my favourite books of this year! Highly Recommended 5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Last Request by Liz Mistry (DS Nikki Parekh 1) #BlogTour
Books / October 14, 2019

When human remains are discovered under Bradford’s derelict Odeon car park, DS Nikita Parekh and her team are immediately called to the scene. Distracted by keeping her young nephew out of trouble, Nikki is relieved to learn the investigation has been transferred to the Cold Case Unit, and she can finally focus on her family.   But when the identity of the victim is revealed, she’s soon drawn back into the case. The dead man is a direct link to her painful past.   As the body count begins to rise, Nikki must do everything she can to stop the killer in their tracks before anyone else gets hurt – even if it means digging up secrets she had long kept hidden… MY REVIEW   Thanks to HQ Digital for my copy of the first in a new series by the excellent Liz Mistry. Introducing DS Nikki Parekh, a feisty new addition to the crime story scene. This is my 2nd book by Liz Mistry in recent times, I have just discovered the excellent Gus McGuire series. When Human remains are discovered underneath a Bradford car park, DS Nikki Parekh investigates, and its soon realised she has a direct link…

Don’t Get Involved by F.J. Curlew #BlogTour
Books / October 14, 2019

A missing shipment of cocaine Three street-kids fighting for their lives A Mafia hitman intent on killing them A naïve expat who gets in their way Who would you bet on?  Ukraine, 2001. A time of lawlessness and corruption. Three street-kids stumble upon a holdall full of cocaine, belonging to the Mafia. Mafia hitman, Leonid, is given the job of retrieving the cocaine and disposing of the street-kids. To do so he is forced to step back into his old life and he doesn’t like it. The children run on their wits. Leonid hunts them down. Nadia, a young woman with her own dark past, arrives in Ukraine looking for a fresh start. She wasn’t expecting this! “She had no idea of what, or who, she was supposed to be running from. Right now everything was a threat. Definitely militsiya, but who else? Everyone. Right now it felt like everyone.”   MY REVIEW Firstly my thanks to FJ Curlew for the invite on the tour and copy of her new book, Don’t Get Involved. It’s always nice when an author takes their time to check out the site and then ask for a review, so when i had an email…

Rose by Rami Ungar #BlogTour
Books / October 11, 2019

Rose Taggert awakens in a greenhouse with no clear memory of the past two years and, to her horror, finds her body transformed into an unrecognizable form. Paris Kuyper has convinced Rose that they are lovers and as Paris could not bear for her to die, he has used an ancient and dark magic to save her from certain death. But the dark magic Paris has used comes at a price. A price which a terrible demon is determined to extract from Rose. As Rose struggles to understand what is happening to her, she must navigate Paris’s lies and secrets; secrets that Paris will do anything to protect. My Review Thanks to the Isobel at Blackthorn Book Tours for my invite on to the tour end e copy of Rose by Remi Ungar. Rose wakes up in a strange place, no memory, completely unaware of her whereabouts. And something strange is happening to her body… she soon finds she isn’t alone, in the shape of Paris, her apparent lover, or so he says… For me, it’s hard to say much more on the book without giving away the plot and spoilers. It was a difficult book for me to review…

The Scent of Death by Simon Beckett (David Hunter 6) #BlogTour
Books / October 10, 2019

What began as a straightforward case is about to become a twisted nightmare… Once a busy hospital, St Jude’s now stands derelict, awaiting demolition. When a partially mummified corpse is found in the building’s cavernous loft, forensics expert Dr David Hunter is called in to take a look. He can’t say how long the body’s been there, but he is certain it’s that of a young woman. And that she was pregnant. Then part of the attic floor collapses, revealing another of the hospital’s secrets: a bricked-up chamber with beds inside. And some of them are still occupied. And it soon becomes clear that St Jude’s hasn’t claimed its last victim . . . Chilling, visceral and masterfully paced, Simon Beckett’s new crime thriller will leave you gasping. My Review Thanks to Emma at Damppebbles Blog Tours and Transworld Books for my copy of the latest in the David Hunter Series, The Scent of Death by Simon Beckett. Dr David Hunter, a specialist in Forensics is called to derelict hospital, awaiting destruction, when a mummified body is found on site. When an accident then causes a collapse in the building, more bodies are found. Simon Beckett writes a compelling thriller,…